5 Tips to More Efficiently Manage Large Teams

September 17, 2021
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The larger the team the more responsibility leads and managers take on. More people in a team can lead to more problems, especially when it comes to organization, collaboration, and teamwork.

The ultimate goal for many leaders is to have all teams, no matter what size they may be, operate in as smooth and streamlined as small scale and close knit groups. Thankfully, there are a number of things we can do to ensure that large teams operate just as efficiently and effectively as their smaller counterparts. 

Bearing all of this in mind, let’s delve deeper into what can be done to make managing large teams easier. 

  1. Increase collaboration and knowledge sharing
  2. Use Trainings / Syncs to improve upskilling and eliminate knowledge gaps
  3. Ensure consistency
  4. Place increased importance on communication
  5. Team culture

It’s only right that we explore each and of these topics more in depth and see what can be learned about effectively managing larger teams. If you are interested in learning about what Mentimeter can do for large teams then download our Buyer's Guide to find out more.

Interested in Mentimeter Enterprise? Download our Buyer's Guide to learn more.

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Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

For many, the best way of learning new things can be working with colleagues on different projects and seeing new processes in action. Promoting cross training and projects that involve multiple stakeholders can help team members learn about what each of their teammates does on a day to day but also understand how they can better contribute to team goals. 

Those with greater experience and expertise can help guide those around them and by encouraging participation you can help teams collect diverse and varied opinions on a variety of topics. Working towards a common goal where everyone can contribute and collaborate but save time and effort by sharing knowledge between one another.

Trainings, Syncs & Upskilling

This point goes hand in hand with the previous point about collaboration and knowledge sharing. Each member of a team will have their own strengths and weaknesses and this, in turn, means that the team as a whole will have a wealth of knowledge in certain areas and less in others. Identifying these gaps is key to ensuring teams will function at a high level and don’t lack experience and expertise. 

To combat this, regular syncs can help understand what every team member brings to the table and where the team succeeds and where it falls down. Following on from this, providing relevant training opportunities and workshops will help develop cross skills and let team members grow and develop. 


Ensuring that everyone can have their say and be part of the conversation is a worthwhile goal. Making sure that no opinion goes unheard and allowing everyone to contribute can help team morale while preventing silos. 1 on 1s can be time consuming and all-hands meetings may discourage some from participating.  

Finding a forum where everyone can contribute and feels comfortable doing so will go a long way to improving a teams ability to communicate. Giving employees the freedom to voice opinions in a democratic and transparent way and increase transparency will build trust, morale and organizational health.

Team Culture

In the previous point on communication we mentioned the idea of avoiding silos, but let’s discuss it more due to its importance. Including everyone is something we here at Mentimeter take incredibly seriously and it is the greatest way to improve team morale and collaboration. 

Letting everyone know that their opinions are valued and the work they do is appreciated is the first step to ensuring people enjoy and care about the work they do. Many of the best teams have the best cultures. For many the promotion of a positive team culture will be the first step in improving communication and collaboration. If everyone believes in the project and the goals of the team, improved morale and buy in will make managing a larger team all the more easier.

Remote & Hybrid Teams

Current ways of working have certainly thrown a spanner in the work of managers and team leads around the world. Having a workforce that is totally or partially scattered means that a number of the prior tips become more difficult to implement and all the more vital; good communication springs to mind immediately as it is something many are struggling to perfect.

A solution to the hybrid and remote working situations is a must have. Something that brings teams together regardless of the physical distance that has been put between everyone.

What Mentimeter Enterprise Offers

Mentimeter has specific plans for teams of 10+ and we have tailored these plans to meet the needs of customers. Presentations and meetings are a vital part of any team’s day-to-day and week-to-week so ensuring that they operate at the highest level is critical. This is the goal of the Mentimeter Enterprise plan.

Mentimeter has been designed to work equally well for on-site, remote, and hybrid teams. Not only is the goal to lessen the burden on managers, but to mitigate any extra complications that may come about with remote work.

Team of 10+ people? Find out if Mentimeter Enterprise may be the right solution for your organization.

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