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July 26, 2023
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Even before the rise of remote work employee onboarding was software and tool dependent. We all know the value of making a good first impression and welcoming new employees into your company is all about putting your best foot forward and providing them with the best welcome possible.

Starting a new job is a strange combination of excitement and nerves. We’ve all been there and understand just how reassuring a helping hand and a clear and easy-to-follow onboarding process can be.

Helping to highlight ways of working, team structures, day-to-day activities, and all of the employee benefits on offer are just some of the things that a good onboarding experience should clarify. 

The importance of a good onboarding process really can’t be understated and while it is often, and for good reason, intense, there are plenty of tools out there that can make it much more manageable for both HR professionals and the new hires. 

So, from confidence-boosting introductions to consolidating must-read documentation, we have a series of tools that will make onboarding easier and more efficient than ever before. Time to bookmark some sites and download some apps so we can make onboarding fun, easy, and efficient.

  1. Mentimeter - For better presentations and fun introductions
  2. Personio - Premier HR management tool
  3. Guru - For all your important documentation
  4. Trello - Ultimate task manager
  5. Slack - Messaging made easier 
  6. 1Password - Secure and shared passwords
  7. Monday - Improving remote onboarding
  8. Gusto - Payroll & benefits manager


The initial phase of onboarding can frequently be demanding and exhausting, particularly when packed with lengthy sessions and demonstrations. This approach can notably amplify both bewilderment and unease among employees as it could be strenuous to remain alert, much less comprehend the crucial details they ought to remember.

We're all familiar with the lethality of a dull PowerPoint, so let's avoid making those eager new recruits yawn in their initial week.

Mentimeter can inject a sense of involvement and dialogue into these early gatherings, rather than them being one-way discussions. Our dynamic slides can be employed in diverse ways to ensure new hires' participation right from the get-go.

Q&A slides allow everyone to ask urgent queries or elucidate something they find perplexing. Likewise, this sets the norm that queries are welcomed and answered. Consequently, new staff are primed for triumph, furnished with the confidence to be inquisitive and solicit assistance when things seem nebulous.

Quiz slides can be utilized to check if they have absorbed the crucial details, perhaps about the primary points of contact or optimal security protocols. Hence, instead of just querying, “Is everything clear?” at the conclusion of a meeting, you can introduce a stimulating activity to enliven the atmosphere and make it a more pleasurable experience.

While some of us relish the chance to stand before our department, team, or organization to share our history and interesting trivia, as well as some insight into the role we will undertake, many others view this as a dreadful prospect. Luckily, any of Mentimeter’s interactive slides serve as the perfect tool to ease the tension and avoid any discomfort.


From managing computer serial numbers to facilitating vacation day requests, Personio serves as an all-encompassing HR platform that equips your new recruits with everything they'll require throughout their tenure at your organization.

Once an account is established, tasks can be designated, enabling new hires to methodically complete necessary steps while tracking what's left to be accomplished and what awaits review. Similarly, each task can be tied to a deadline, fostering streamlined processes and ensuring no responsibility is neglected.

The onboarding segment of an employee's Personio account can also be customized to meet your specific needs. If that entails adding a hyperlink to the company’s GoogleDrive or Dropbox account, it's achievable. Should you want them to craft an introductory post on their Slack channel, you can configure tasks that align with your unique onboarding process.


Unifying critical documents in a singular location can streamline operations for both you and the new hires. From organizational values to details about retirement plans and savings arrangements, GetGuru allows you to catalog everything for swift and straightforward access.

Every employee can mark cards that bear the most relevance to them, enabling instantaneous access to needed information. GetGuru aids in enhancing corporate transparency and the internal dissemination of information. Regarding onboarding, tasks can be conveniently delegated, and vital documents concerning harassment policies, company perks, and organizational values can be updated promptly.

GetGuru can also interface with a range of other software like Microsoft Teams and Slack, simplifying the search process. Minimizing search time equates to maximizing time spent reading, comprehending, and contributing to the company's documentation.


Trello serves as the ideal instrument for managing workflow, making it particularly beneficial for HR members directly engaged in the onboarding procedure. Responsibilities and tasks, such as setting up new technology, allotting desks and lockers for incoming staff, or organizing an office tour, can be readily assigned to team members.

Trello even provides an onboarding template for new hires to spark your creativity. Individual cards and lists can be created, edited, and relocated, so you're always aware of completed tasks and remaining ones. Notifications facilitate the delivery of updates to pertinent team members with minimal hassle.

New hires can be integrated into their team's boards with a simple click or incorporated into a specific onboarding board. There, they'll have access to all the necessary links or tasks required throughout their onboarding experience.


While there's no shortage of messaging and communication tools available, Slack truly excels in facilitating a smooth onboarding process. For your HR team, it can centralize all onboarding-related communications in a specialized #onboarding channel, while newcomers might join a #newhires channel or perhaps a #newtothecountry channel to assist those undergoing relocation.

Channels serve as an excellent medium for conveniently sharing pertinent messages, links, documents, or any other share-worthy items. Include Team Leaders and any other relevant executives to ensure everyone's aware of the onboarding timeline and their respective responsibilities.

Slack also offers a great platform for new hires to meet colleagues without the awkwardness of a desk-side handshake. Encourage newcomers to join relevant Slack channels and explore others that may pertain to their role and non-work activities. Crafting a warm introductory message and updating profile pictures can assist in associating faces with names.


We constantly utilize numerous digital tools throughout our day - corporate email accounts, CMS, Zoom, cloud storage, and more. Consequently, remembering all the passwords can prove challenging and daunting. Ensuring that these passwords stay secure and confidential can be an even more intricate ordeal. Thankfully, 1Password can alleviate much of this stress for both new hires and your Chief Technical Officer.

1Password is crafted with a dual focus on security and user-friendliness. All employees need to do is devise their own unique login credentials and a singular organization account. Everything, from login details to door codes, can be stored in 1Password vaults accessible to all relevant individuals. No more “Sorry, but does anyone know the password for X?” messages flooding your team's Slack channel.


Remote onboarding has emerged as a fresh trend that thousands have encountered for the first time since the onset of 2020. Conducting onboarding sessions and fulfilling assorted checklists can be challenging in a wholly digital context, yet numerous tools are designed to enhance this procedure.

Monday stands out as one of the premier tools for overseeing every stage of the remote onboarding process. The platform's remarkable visual displays and extensive customization enable easy tracking and updating of team tasks, priorities, and schedules. Numerous integrations also augment Monday's versatility and worth.

Calendar views and checklists can assist employees in navigating the onboarding journey, signifying what's expected of them and when it ideally should be completed. Once their tasks are done, they only need to refresh their Monday board, and your HR team can carry on from there. This approach can effectively help them get acquainted with team-specific tasks and departmental operational styles.


Addressing the financial aspects of onboarding is crucial as it influences employees' paychecks and the company's accounting records. While Gusto is equipped with all the features necessary for comprehensive human resource management, it truly excels when it comes to handling finances, payrolls, and benefits. Additionally, this system aids businesses in efficiently managing taxes and ensuring compliance at both state and federal levels.

Integrating new hires into your system and guaranteeing they are thoroughly set up is a seamless and uncomplicated process. Employees can log in independently to input essential bank details and social security information. They can also access details regarding health benefits as well as time-tracking features. Time off requests can be submitted, approved, and recorded directly via Gusto, enabling automatic computation of monthly payments.

A better onboarding process

All of these tools are designed to make onboarding better for everyone. Figuring out what each of these tools and software can do for you is a massive step towards a more streamlined and efficient process. So help get everyone reading from the same page and up to speed faster than ever before. 

So, when you start compiling your step-by-step onboarding checklists, be sure to see how Mentimeter can help your new employees feel right at home from their very first meeting! Why not see how you can improve both your onboarding experience and employee engagement all with one tool?

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