Best Free Vevox Alternatives in 2023

March 03, 2023
Vevox alternatives

Vevox is another of the ever-growing list of polling and Q&A tools that have sprung up over the past few years. While highly rated and quite useful, there are a series of alternatives out there that offer users some additional features or benefits.

So, we have compiled a series of other SaaS products, from full presentation tools to something that will help you survey visitors to your website, that may suit your needs better. 

What is Vevox?

Vevox is a live polling and Q&A tool that focuses on improving the engagement level of hybrid, in-person and online meetings. Word Clouds, multiple choice polls, and quizzes combine to create a series of interactive elements any presenter can use during meetings. 

While a handy tool, there are alternatives to Vevox that offer similar, or an even more expansive set of, features. So to help you find the best option, we have compiled this list of the top alternatives to Vevox. 

Best free Vevox alternatives

  • Mentimeter
  • Pigeonhole
  • Echo360
  • ClassMarker
  • 6connex
  • Pitch
  • Typeform
  • Decktopus

For fewer limitations - Mentimeter 

If you are looking for the absolute best way to engage any audience - no matter if it is a remote college class or an in-person team meeting - then Mentimeter offers all the bells and whistles you could need. While both Vevox and Mentimeter offer similar features, Mentimeter’s plans (the free plan in particular) offer far fewer limitations. 

Every Mentimeter user has access to Word Clouds and surveys that they can present to a much wider audience. Free users can host presentations in front of audiences of up to 10,000 and test out any of the interactive slides on offer. This means that anyone can use the incredibly popular and useful Word Cloud slide and not worry about any audience limit.

What is more, Mentimeter has an ever-growing list of integrations that now includes YouTube, PowerPoint, Zoom, and now Miro. Now when you create a Menti you can combine it with other tools to create a cohesive and comprehensive experience for any kind of audience.

For plenty of integrations - Pigeonhole

Like Vevox, Pigeonhole features a series of interactive slides that range from polls and word clouds to quizzes. What sets Pigeonhole apart though is the sheer amount of integrations it boasts. Pigeonhole breaks these down into both video integrations and app integrations which gives users an added amount of freedom and flexibility. 

Among its video integrations are Zoom, Kaltura, Socialive, Brightcove, BlueJeans, and Kollective. This means that whether you are hosting a hybrid meeting with colleagues logging in from different locations, or hosting an event or conference, Pigeonhole will have an integration to make the process smoother. 

The same goes for app integrations thanks to their partnerships with SlideShare, SpeakerDeck, and PowerPoint. This means that you can jump right in and combine tools for a more engaging and seamless experience for both you as a presenter and for your audience.  

For video learning - Echo360

It’s well known that a picture says a thousand words, but does that mean video can say even more? Well with the help of Echo360, you will be almost guaranteed to boost learning and retention levels. The full Echo360 package is quite an impressive collection of tools and when combined they make for an immersive and comprehensive learning experience. 

While EchoEngage offers similar features to Vevox, EchoVideo adds the additional element of video recordings to the mix. The OneDrive integration is also quite a handy inclusion as it means that you can happily store everything in the same drive

For classroom testing - ClassMarker

While Vevox can be used in the classroom or lecture hall for some fun and informative quizzes, ClassMarker allows educators to run a virtual quiz that they can then grade and comment on. ClassMarker users can choose from multiple-choice, true/false, matching, short answer, and essay questions. 

Teachers can get a full breakdown of results once students have completed the quiz which can then be shared with students. They also have the chance to comment on individual questions and provide feedback where necessary.   

For events and conferences - 6connex

Now events and conferences tend to be much larger in scale than meetings, check-ins, or workshops. With that additional size comes a raft of added logistical and organizational issues. 6connex is built to make these large-scale events just as engaging as the more intimate team and company meetings. 

6connex brings together a raft of software and tools to ensure that online, in-person, and fully remote events have everything they need to keep audiences engaged from start to finish. This includes presentation tools, social walls, webcasting, and data analytics.   

For traditional presentations - Pitch

For a more traditional presentation tool that brings a bit more excitement and panache to the table than some of the older software, then Pitch will have you creating some incredibly stylish and detailed slide decks with just a few clicks. 

Obviously, you won’t have the same interactive elements but you can create full presentations similar to a traditional PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck. The great advantage of Pitch, however, is that designing and customizing them to look visually impressive takes far less effort and is certain to cause far fewer headaches. 

For surveys - Typeform

Now if you are looking for a more straightforward and easy-to-set-up survey tool then Typeform is the gold standard. While Vevox lets you create surveys that can be sent to groups, Typeform takes this feature and creates one of the most seamless processes you are likely to find online. 

What we particularly love about Typeform is the variety of use cases. Not only can you send one of your curves to your colleagues or students for them to fill in, but you can embed surveys on your website to see what your users think or to gain valuable information from job candidates. 

For some AI assistance - Decktopus

ChatGPT has taken the internet by absolute storm so it only seems right that we jump on the bandwagon and search for some AI assistance. Decktopus is fascinating as it helps do all the things related to a presentation that many of us don’t want to do; trying to think of image ideas, creating slides, and notes, and coming up with content can be tough. 

So if you are strapped for time, have some tough deadlines to meet, or just shudder at the thought of writing a few bullet points on a slide, then Decktopus will go a long way to alleviating all of your worries and problems. 

Plenty of alternatives to choose from

No matter what type of tool you may need, or what scenario you need it for, there is undoubtedly a tool or software out there for you. So feel free to explore the options we have listed above to see which works best for you.

If you need a way to make meetings and lectures more efficient, check-ins more engaging, and improve the decision-making process, then Mentimeter has all the features you need.

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