5 benefits of Mentimeter Pro

April 01, 2021
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Mentimeter Pro gives you everything you need to be able to engage your audience and enable every voice to be heard. Utilize Mentimeter to its full extent and reach your full potential with the pro plan.

Whether you are running a town hall, meeting, training session, workshop or teaching the Pro plan gives you all of the essential features needed to captivate and maintain your audience’s attention. 

What is Mentimeter Pro?

Mentimeter Pro is an account for individuals or teams that want to create engaging and interactive presentations with added customization, branding and get access to all of Mentimeter’s features. Empower attendees to ask questions and contribute to the discussion with live polls, open-ended questions and other interactive question types. 

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What’s included in the Pro account?

In short, with Mentimeter Pro you get unlimited access to every feature. That means unlimited question slides, unlimited content slides, unlimited audience engagement! But the main difference is that you get added customization and branding options as well as the ability to moderate Q&A and export all results to Excel.

Mentimeter Pro really is the all-rounder option whether your an individual or part of a team. Here is a rundown of some of the Pro benefits:

1. Create a seamless presentation experience

Long gone are the days of worrying about any awkward questions, with Pro you can moderate the audience’s questions before they appear on the screen either by using the moderation link or the Mentimote. The presenter can filter out any irrelevant or already answered questions to create a seamless experience. The Mentimote also enables smooth transitions and control when switching slides.

There may be some situations where not everyone in the audience has their own device to vote on. In that case, Mentimeter Pro allows several answers per device meaning that everyone can share their opinion, ask questions and get involved with the conversations.

2. Reflect brand identity and customize slides

Style slides with our Layout options to create dynamic and captivating presentations. Pro enables you to choose the text alignment, image placement and size. Alternatively, you can create your own theme so you can use quickly create streamlined presentations whenever you hold a presentation. Change the text color as well as the vizualization colors (bar charts, word cloud etc.) and even add your own logo to match your brand.

3. Track & understand results 

With the option to export to Excel including PDF you can collect data, analyze results and continuously improve. Gain valuable insights into your presentations and audience to help you make better-informed decisions. Compare the data over time and segment responses to get deeper understandings. With the added bonus of exporting to Excel, you can organize the data as you wish to make it readable and easier to extract actionable insights and correlations.

4. Increase engagement and interaction

You’ll never have to worry about reaching a slide limit again! With unlimited slides, you can make the most of all of Mentimeter’s interactive question types. From Multiple Choice, Quiz to Ranking, you have even more options to get your audience involved in the presentation. Grab their attention and maintain it throughout by switching it up with different question types.

Pro accounts can also use Quick Forms which is great to collect information about your audience. Collect names, email addresses or use it as a survey before, during or after a presentation session.

5. Enhance collaboration 

With unlimited interactive question slides your audience can be part of brainstorming sessions, discussions and create more collaborative and inclusive presentations.

If you are part of a Team you can share templates, presentations and themes between members. Maintain brand consistency with default presentation themes and share slide decks with team members.

How to upgrade your account to Pro?

If you would like to learn more about the different pricing options with Mentimeter you can view our plans page to get an overall view of our accounts. 

Alternatively, if you are ready to get started on Mentimeter Pro you can go straight ahead and upgrade your account.

For a more detailed guide about changing your plan and adding team members to Pro, you can read this really useful help article or reach out to support.

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