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Gain valuable insights from everyone around you with Word Clouds, Polls, and Quizzes.

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Whether you’re leading a meeting, hosting a workshop, or training your team make sure that you make it productive, inclusive, and fun with Mentimeter.

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Keep your students engaged while you assess knowledge, and kickstart discussions. Create a more inclusive environment for your students with Mentimeter.

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Turn tough crowds into engaged audiences

  • Build an immediate connection with your audience and make them a part of your presentation.

  • Create an interactive experience letting everyone vote, ask questions, and interact throughout.

Create truly unique presentations 

  • Use a wide range of interactive slides to pose questions, gather feedback, and connect with your audience.

  • Build an impressive slide deck in minutes, craft an insightful icebreaker instantly, or find a new and creative way to engage your audience!

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"Mentimeter allows everyone to ask questions, to get clarification or a clearer understanding on subjects resulting in a more fulfilling learning experience."Teresa Delfin, California State Polytechnic UniversityExplore more stories

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