Interactive live polling

Mentimeter gives you the power to design a wide variety of interactive polls. Polling your audience can be the most effective way to increase engagement and make a presentation dynamic and memorable.

Easy-to-use live polling tool

Use live polling to engage your audience. Create Multiple Choice questions with predefined answers to get fast responses from your audience that are presented with beautiful visualizations in real-time.

multiple choice

Ask Multiple Choice questions

abc cloud

Try innovative visualizations

image option

Add images as options


See trends with segmentation

Create Polls Quickly & Easily

No matter how complex the questions or numerous options our polls are quick and easy to build. Responses from your audience will appear in real-time thanks to our wonderful visualizations.


Prioritize with Ranking questions


Evaluate with Scales questions


Visualize with 2x2 Grid questions

100 points

Challenge with 100 points questions

 Word cloud

Word Clouds

Create live Word Clouds that emphasise the most popular words submitted by your audience. Use this question type in the classroom, meetings or training to show the answers in visualisations that are guaranteed to wow your audience.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Collects answers, thoughts, opinions and data with simple multiple-choice questions. Use in a live setting or part of a survey to really listen to your participants. Add images and gifs to your questions for an extra element of engagement.

Toon Larsson
“I think the strength of Mentimeter is that it is so easy to set up. It is very intuitive, so whatever kind of exercise I want to do, I can set it up in 2 or 3 minutes.”Toon Larsson, Senior Lecturer at Malardalen UniversityExplore more stories

Get inspired with Poll Templates

We have some pre designed poll templates that are ready to download and waiting to be used. 

Gender and Role Models in the Workplace

Gender and Role Models in the Workplace

Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management

Teacher Training Workshop

Teacher Training Workshop

What's Most Important to Your Audience?

What's Most Important to Your Audience?

Impress with interactive presentations