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Mentimeter for the digital classroom

In this recorded webinar, we will show you how you can use Mentimeter to increase learning and fun in the classroom. We will explore:

  • How to create an interactive presentation with Mentimeter

  • Which questions types are particularly useful in the classroom

  • Some fun and unique features that will assist your teaching

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How to succeed with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is on everybody's agenda these days, but the question still remains - what should companies and their leaders do to succeed? Watch this recorded webinar hosted by digital transformation expert Joakim Jansson.

  • Understand the concept of digital transformation

  • Learn what companies can do to succeed

  • Leverage your leadership skills in handling digital transformation

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Create a fun and interactive company event

Are you responsible for hosting an event for your organization? Get inspiration from Mentimeter's Quiz expert Emma.

  • Learn how to make sure your event goes smoothly

  • Incorporate a fun and interactive Quiz into your event

  • Make sure that everyone is having a great time!

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A Beginner's Guide to Mentimeter

Get started with Mentimeter with the help of our onboarding expert, Maja. You will learn all the how to’s you need to know to start using Mentimeter.

  • Get onboarded to our different question types

  • Learn about the different settings you can use

  • Get inspiration regarding what questions to pose to your audience

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How to use Mentimeter in Teams and Organizations

Interested in leveraging the full potential of Mentimeter in your team or in your entire organisation? Join our CPO Niklas in a discussion on how you can use Mentimeter to optimize your business meetings, build a more efficient team and facilitate collaboration.

  • Get ideas on how your organization can use Mentimeter in multiple ways

  • Understand how we help our customers implement Mentimeter organization-wide

  • Learn more about efficient teams and transparency within an organization

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Innovative corporate trainings with Mentimeter

Want to learn how to conduct energizing and rememberable corporate training sessions? Get tips, tricks and inspiration from Mentimeter’s co-founder and CEO Johnny.

  • Get ideas on doing something out of the ordinary to energize and engage your participants

  • Learn how to increase learning outcomes and keep your training relevant

  • Get ready-to-use templates that you can copy to your account

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The Mentimeter toolbox for teachers

Get inspiration from Mentimeter’s co-founder Niklas on how to use Mentimeter to make learning fun and engaging.

  • Find new, innovative ways to use Mentimeter for education

  • Get inspiration on how to interact with students using our new features

  • Get ready-to-use examples you can copy to your account

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The Best Icebreakers to start off your presentation

Mentimeter’s co-founder Niklas is back to give you loads of inspiration on how to use icebreakers to kick-start your presentation in the best possible way.

  • Learn all the how to’s for engaging your audience with icebreakers

  • Get inspiration on what to use our new features for

  • Get ready-to-use examples you can copy to your account

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Conduct energizing and effective workshops

Do you want to learn a new way to conduct awesome workshops? Get innovative tips and tricks from Mentimeter's co-founder and workshop expert Niklas Ingvar.

  • Learn how to conduct innovative, visualized and effective workshops

  • Create a brainstorming and prioritization workshop in 5 minutes

  • Learn all pro tips and tricks on how to use Mentimeter

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