Bring Life Back to PowerPoint

Enliven that go-to PowerPoint presentation of yours with some help from Mentimeter. Whether you want to use Mentimeter in PowerPoint or import those PPT slides directly onto our platform we have you covered.

Mentimeter PowerPoint add-in
Image of Mentimeter used with powerpoint

Create Mentimeter questions directly in your PowerPoint presentation

The new add-in allows you to seamlessly create Menti questions straight in PowerPoint with the Menti slides automatically matching the theme and design of your PowerPoint ones. Enliven your slide deck with some interactive elements and instantly connect with participants.

Import slides

Use PowerPoint in Mentimeter 

Want to import a PowerPoint presentation to Mentimeter? No problem. All paid plans, from Basic to Enterprise, can import presentations as static images to Mentimeter. Once uploaded, feel free to add even more slides to get the full Mentimeter experience.

Using Mentimeter and PowerPoint together

PowerPoint has for years been synonymous with presentations so learn how you can bring new life to those old and trusted presentations by using them in conjunction with Mentimeter. For a breakdown how to use the Mentimeter plugin in Office 365 click on the video below to get a full breakdown. 

Interacting has never been easier

Use the add-in to add Mentimeter questions directly into your PowerPoint presentations and let your audience vote with their phones. Engage your audience by making your presentations interactive.