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Less admin, more engagement

Centralized administration

Centralized administration

Gain insights into your organization’s use of Mentimeter to help maximize usage.

Scalable subscription

Scalable subscription

Add more licenses to your subscription at any time and earn scalable discounts.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Group users and customize access to templates and themes to improve knowledge sharing.

Dedicated advisor

Dedicated advisor

Rely on Mentimeter to onboard, educate, and inspire your users with industry best practices.

Direct support

Direct support

Reduce administrator workload by having users request support and advice directly from Mentimeter.

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"Our collaboration with the Customer Success Team has been instrumental in our successful adoption of the tool. Their responsiveness, expertise, and tailored trainings have helped us maximize our effectiveness and grow our usage."Alexandra Schwarzbuerger, R&D Quality Support Manager at Bayer
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"Mentimeter allows everyone to ask questions, to get clarification or a clearer understanding on subjects resulting in a more fulfilling learning experience."Teresa Delfin, California State Polytechnic University
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"In different scenarios when using Mentimeter, I have produced powerful interactions, and everyone seems to be smiling. Mentimeter enables us to also collect high-quality data points."Merv Wyeth, Program Director at Project Management Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Each user who wants to create, edit, or present a presentation needs their own account - their own license. Therefore, the total number of licenses you will need depends on how many of your colleagues would like to create, edit, or present Mentimeter presentations.

If your organization has an existing Enterprise plan, they will likely have Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled. In this case, you can go to the Single Sign-On page, enter the name of your organization, and sign in using your usual work credentials. If you have signed up for Mentimeter with your work email, you can check if your organization has a discoverable team you can join. Go to your account settings and select "Find my team". If there is a team available for you to join, you can select "Join" or "Request to join" depending on your organization’s workspace settings. Follow the instructions and complete the verification. If you are not able to find or join your organization’s team, you can always check with your local IT team or send an email to so we can help you.

The Enterprise plan is adapted for use in bigger teams (10+ presenters), has more advanced admin possibilities, and offers added security features, such as SSO and SCIM. If you purchase 50+ Enterprise licenses, you also gain access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will offer tailored training sessions to your users and help maximize your usage.

The Enterprise plan enables you to make presentations with an unlimited number of interactive and content slides. You also have an unlimited number of participants who can vote on your presentations.

If you are planning to run a one-time event, such as a conference, we do offer a one-off pricing plan. Please visit the Mentimeter for Conferences page for more information and to purchase this plan.

For payment questions, technical issues, or general inquiries, please visit our Help center, send an email to, or chat with us live via the chat bubble on the bottom right corner.

Enterprise-level security and control

Mentimeter’s Enterprise features enable greater security, ownership of usage, and flexibility for the whole organization.

Data protection

Data Protection

Single sign on

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Centralized User Management

Centralized User Management

Customized control

Customized Control

From engagement moments to incredible experiences

Increase engagement within any audience - no matter the setting, size, or if they are in-person or remote.

Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate with colleagues on presentations, surveys, quizzes, and more.

Share knowledge

Create a knowledge hub to share best practices, create themes, and reuse templates.

Listen bravely

Gather honest opinions, feedback, and questions from your entire audience.

Focus smartly

Learn which topics require the most attention.

Integrate smoothly

Use Mentimeter together with your existing meeting and presentation software.

Engage everyone, everywhere

Engage your hybrid audience in meetings, workshops, and presentations.

Ready to boost engagement across your organization?