• Efficient

    Have efficient discussions by looking at the same picture.

  • Productive

    Visualizing results is a crucial part of every discussion.

  • Interactive

    Interactivity provides increased engagement.

  • Fun

    Innovative way to turn your audience opinion into data.

  • Time Saver

    Allows you to save time due to less preparation.

  • Powerful tools

    Use powerful prioritize tool to improve your decisions.

  • Exportable

    Results can be exported and used for follow-up & analysis.

  • Participatory

    Enable a result-driven focus during the decision process.

Example questions

  • Ensure that your meeting is effective

    Use this quick live survey to poll your meeting participants before your meeting. If you score less than a 3.5 you should stop the meeting and ensure that area is fixed.

    A happier meeting

    More productive meeting

    A more profitable business

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  • Give someone a gold star

    For example, use this when you as a team leader or Manager wants to encourage your team to promote good behaviour. Let the team cast a vote on the person they feel, have done something extraordinary this month. The winner earns this month's gold star.

    A happier meeting

    More motivated co-workers

    An opportunity to give praise

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  • Quick-vote on important decisions

    Use Mentimeter to quick-vote on decisions. This is especially powerful if one group in the room has a very strong voice for their cause, and you want to avoid meeting politics.

    Allow everybody's voice to be equally heard

    Get everyone's input without hassle and achieve consensus quickly

    Gather input to be used in your decision process

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  • What is the most important when we start this project?

    Use this example when you want a project team or Steering Committee to highlight what is most important in the project.

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  • What’s most important when we start this project?

    Use this example when you want a new project team to reflect on important activities that we should do.

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  • Action priority matrix

    Do a quick analysis of what you and your team should focus on. A great way to identify quick wins!

    Engage your team in deciding what needs to be prioritized

    Quickly determine how to focus your effort

    Have a great start for your workshop

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  • Agree on what’s important when working together

    A team leader used this example and these rules of engagement to help the team quickly establish common grounds and set ground rules.

    Remove uncertainties; teams are more efficient when uncertainties are removed

    Discuss everyones values with transparency

    Reduce the risk of future conflicts and misunderstandings

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  • Prioritizing after brainstorming session

    A project manager used Mentimeter to prioritize actions during a steering group meeting. The group was asked to distribute 100 points on given alternatives which quickly highlighted the most important activities to focus on.

    Save time in decision meetings and avoid “trench wars”

    Ensure decisions have perfect traceability, which is automatically recorded

    Export results to use for subsequent follow-up and analysis

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  • Collaborative risk matrix

    Instantly get a sense of key risks according to your team.

    Make the team aware of project risks

    Get everyone's input without hassle

    Gather input to be used in your decision process

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  • Uncover project risks

    During a project delivery it was important for the team to be aware of the risks involved. A project manager wanted to make sure all team members were working to reduce the probability of risks occuring.

    Quickly identify key risks

    Establish team awareness for the most important risks

    Gather input on what risks the team needs to address

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  • Get your team to take the correct actions

    A team leader managed to get the team to identify the important actions to take and ensure that everybody was on-board.

    Quickly find high priority actions

    Push the team to decide what to do and what not to do

    Visualize the to-do list

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  • Evaluate your work with the internal work culture

    A manager wanted to evaluate if the team recognized the company's internal efforts with different topics.
    This was also a good way for the manager to take note what initiatives needed to be communicated.

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