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Meet the challenge of hybrid meetings, presentations, and workshops by making everyone feel like they are in the same room.

Hybrid work

What is hybrid work?

Simply put, hybrid work is a combination of remote and onsite work. Some may work from their home while others will choose to return to their office set-up. As the demand for hybrid work increases so does the need for tools to help facilitate it.

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Interact with everyone online and onsite

  • Interactive questions provide everyone with the opportunity to have their say and partake.
  • Word Clouds, Multiple Choice, and plenty more interactive slides instantly visualize submissions for all to see.
  • Improve engagement and attention levels by encouraging everyone to contribute to the meeting.
  • Maintain a strong team culture no matter where your team chooses to work from.


Streamline every meeting

  • Design a full presentation without needing to change application, window, or software.
  • Revitalize all of your tried and tested presentations and avoid any deaths by PowerPoint.
  • Run and moderate a Q&A portion to clarify issues, avoid confusion, and gather honest feedback and insights.
  • Eliminate confusion and misunderstandings by offering everyone the chance to participate and collaborate.

Mentimeter Presentation Integrations
Mentimeter Integrations

Less stress for every presenter

  • Enjoy a seamless Teams call without the need to open numerous tabs and switch between apps.
  • Reduce Zoom fatigue thanks to this efficient and effective Zoom app.
  • Likewise, you can just as easily eliminate presenter stress from Skype for Business, GoogleMeet, and Webex meetings.
  • Voting via smartphone means no more accidental muting, speaking over one another, or difficulties including everyone.

How to run hybrid meetings

Oscar demonstrates how to make your presentation, what you need to do to set up a hybrid meeting, and how to best interact with a hybrid audience.

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