Team Building

Work better together

Create a high-performing team by running team-building sessions that are more collaborative and inclusive.

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What you can do


Check in

Kick things off by checking in with your team.


Collect input

Take the time to listen to what every team member has to say.

Team reflection

Encourage reflection

Step back and honestly reflect on how things are going.


Run a Q&A

Open up the floor to questions to promote transparency.

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A collaborative and inclusive environment

  • Ensure that you hear from everyone in your team and not just the loudest and most confident.
  • Let your team express themselves with Word Clouds and Open Ended questions.
  • Everyone can reply in full confidence knowing their submissions are anonymous.

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Go deeper when building your team

  • Create a more transparent team culture with AMAs and Q&As.
  • Collect honest feedback and showcase it on screen.
  • Feel confident asking tough questions and monitor trends over time to gather more valuable insights.

What our users say

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“We use Mentimeter in our e-learning and training sessions to boost engagement, sense of belonging, and inclusion. On top of that, most of our participants feel that they are learning more in the sessions where Mentimeter is used.”Digital Learning, PwC CEE
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"Mentimeter allows everyone to ask questions, to get clarification or a clearer understanding on subjects resulting in a more fulfilling learning experience."Teresa Delfin, California State Polytechnic University
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"In different scenarios when using Mentimeter, I have produced powerful interactions, and everyone seems to be smiling. Mentimeter enables us to also collect high-quality data points."Merv Wyeth, Program Director at Project Management Institute
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"That's one thing I really love about Mentimeter, it is so versatile. It's not only for internal purposes, external too. Mentimeter also fits the culture at Prophet very well. Simple, fun, and easy to use!"Jake Vance, IT Coordinator at Prophet

Team Building Templates

Team Day Out

Team Day Out

Team Building Quiz

Team Building Quiz

Team Building Meeting Opener

Team Building Meeting Opener

Team Strengths & Weaknesses

Team Strengths & Weaknesses


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