How to use Zoom and Mentimeter for remote working and online teaching

March 26, 2020
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Using video calling platform Zoom along with Mentimeter enable teachers or organizations to continue working wherever they are located. Take a huge leap towards ultimate efficiency by using Zoom and Mentimeter together whilst remote working or distance teaching. Video calling and screen sharing platform Zoom enables organizations to conduct online meetings or teachers to online teach whilst Mentimeter encourages participants to engage and interact with the session.

Here’s how to use Zoom and Mentimeter together:

Step 1: Make your presentation in Mentimeter

Step 2: Sign up to Zoom (it is free at the moment). You can choose whether you want to schedule a meeting for another day, host a meeting/classroom with video on/off or just use the screen sharing service

Tips: Download Zoom’s desktop app for ease 

Step 3: Send out Zoom meeting link, so your participants can join

share Zoom link

Step 4: Go into your Mentimeter account, find the presentation you want and click ‘present’

Tips: Turn notifications off or set to ‘do not disturb’ before screen sharing, you can do this in your computer’s settings.

Step 5: Go to Zoom (either on the app or in another tab), join the meeting and start sharing your screen 

share screen
allow screen share

Step 6: Participants should go to and enter the code at the top of the presentation. 

Tips: Participants should enter on the code on a second device so they can see your screen and the results at the same time.

go to

You can also share the presentation via QR code, or by sharing the direct link

Keep the feeling of face-to-face meetings or classes alive by using Zoom and Mentimeter and make remote working or distance learning engaging and interactive. It is a great way to increase productivity and efficiency whilst working or teaching away from the office.

final step

Pro tips: 

  • Check your microphone and video work before going live to minimise any sound issues that may occur. Doing a practice run may help with efficiency and iron out any problems before going live.
  • Close all other tabs apart from Mentimeter and Zoom to improve loading speed.
  • You can also chat with other participants on Zoom by clicking the ‘chat’ button in the bottom toolbar whilst in the meeting or virtual classroom.

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