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Questions & voting

How many responses can a question have?

We do not have any limitation on the number of participants, and we never will. However, the Quiz has a temporary limitation and works best for medium-sized groups (20-50 participants). For presentations with larger audiences (100+), please contact us at !

How many presentations can I create?


How many questions can I create?

As a free user, you can create up to 2 questions per presentation. To create more questions, you will need to upgrade your account.

How many times can a user vote?

One time only, but for questions of Open Ended type, there is an option to let users vote more than once.

For how long are my questions saved?

The questions are never deleted unless you delete them yourself, but the participant IDs will expire after one month.

What does the code on top of my presentation mean?

The code is a unique ID that is used for voting. If a presentation is not used for quite some time, the code will expire in 45 days. When the presentation is in use again a new code is provided automatically.

Groups of questions or Presentations

I want my participants to vote on the question they see and not all the questions in my presentation, is that possible?

The default for all presentations is that the audience can only vote on the question that the presenter is showing. However, every presentation has a setting that allows the audience to answer the questions at their own pace.

Accounts & pricing

Why is Mentimeter free? Will it stay free even in the future?

We think this kind of service should be as simple as possible which also implies that it should be free. We offer different plans as well, but rest assured that all the features that are free right now will continue to be free in the future, and we will continue to add more!

Can I share log-in with a friend?

No. This will cause unexpected behavior and is a violation of our terms of use. But hey, an account is free and we have the ability to share questions and themes in between users.

Export and sharing

Can I share my result via social media such as on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes! If you want to share your presentation you can copy the share URL (example link ) and share it however you like. You can get the share URL from your presentations.

Can I export my result?

Yes! If you upgrade your account you can download all results in Excel-format.

Technical Requirements

Technical requirements and information for how to run Mentimeter can be found here.