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With Mentimeter, you can easily ask anonymous questions in meetings and classrooms so your audience speaks the truth.

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How it works

What will you ask your audience?

Use Mentimeter standalone or plug into your tools and ways of working.


Import your Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation, use a ready made template, or start from scratch. With interactive slides a click away you’ll have an engaging presentation set up in moments.


When presenting your audience can join your presentation at Menti.com by simply entering your presentations unique access code. You’ll get instant engagement as you present.


With Mentimeter you’ll be able to understand where engagement increased or decreased along with track trends over time with a visual representation of your audiences input.

Integrate Mentimeter with Zoom or Microsoft Teams so your audience can interact directly, without using their phone.

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In the classroom

Mentimeter allows everyone to ask questions, to get clarification or a clearer understanding on subjects resulting in a more fulfilling learning experience.

Teresa Delfin

California State Polytechnic University

Education use cases
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In the office

“I have produced powerful interactions, and everyone seems to be smiling. Mentimeter enables us to also collect high-quality data points.”

Merv Wyeth

Program Director at Project Management Institute

Work use cases
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Engage the whole organization

Mentimeter enterprise is the safest and securest way to unlock impactful engagement at scale.

  • Data protection
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Centralized User Management
  • Customized Control
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What our users say

"I now use Mentimeter each month at my team meetings to take a "pulse check", it's easy to setup, fun to use, and very informative!"
Carl Powell, Head of Delivery - Cloud and Infrastructure, Sky
Carl Powell
"It's very helpful to make classes interactive and motivating!"
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos, High School Teacher, Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
Sandra Elizabeth Cobián Pozos
“Mentimeter helps to facilitate student-centered learning and create a fascinating environment for active learning."
Bamidele Victor Ayodele, Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bamidele Victor Ayodele

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