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What’s new in Mentimeter January 2022

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Olivia Hanifan2022-01-04

Want to know the latest from Mentimeter? Find our most recent product updates.


We are wasting no time and kicking the new year off with some super helpful new features.

Without further ado, here are the latest updates:

Preview Presentation

This awesome new feature “Preview presentation” allows you to understand and test how the slides in your presentation work from the perspective of both presenter and audience.

preview presentation

Here you can run test votes on your presentation to see how the result visualizations will look without having input and reset results yourself.

You can find the Preview feature in a dropdown menu by clicking the arrow next to the Present button. 

preview menubar

Instruction Slide

Forget trying to remember the keyboard shortcut to show the voting instructions, or getting the audience to read the bar along the top. You can now add an Instruction Slide to the start of your presentation, or wherever it may be needed. This slide clearly shows the voting instructions and gives voters the option to join via or by scanning the QR code.

instruction slide

Mentimeter for Hopin Integration

We have a brand new integration! We’ve teamed up with Hopin to create an even easier way to streamline meetings and presentations in one place with the Mentimeter for Hopin integration. Engage your audience and conduct live polls, quizzes, word clouds, open-ended questions, Q&As, and more to capture real-time input straight from your Hopin session. No voting codes or additional devices are needed. 

Menti x Hopin

Mentimote's new home

In the same dropdown menu as ‘Preview Presentation”, you can now find Mentimote. Mentimote will open in a separate tab and you’ll be able to view your presentation control centre. Here you can present through Mentimote, view notes, turn features on and off, and much more.

mentimote dropdown bar

Presenting with Mentimote enables you to have full control over your presentation and look like a Pro.

Updates to Q&A

Sometimes when enabling Q&A throughout a presentation, the audience ask questions that you don’t have time to answer right away. When you later select the question to answer it can be confusing for both voter and presenter trying to figure out the context or what slide the question came from, which can disrupt the Q&A. But, from now on you will be able to see the name of the slide you were presenting when each question was submitted. This will hopefully reduce any potential presenter stress related to having to figure out the context or ask the audience for clarification.

Q&A updates

Mentiacademy Intermediate Course

The brand new Mentiacademy Intermediate Course is out now! After the great success of our Beginner’s course, you can now take the next step in your MentiAcademy journey. 


At MentiAcademy you will learn everything you need to know about Mentimeter as well as tips and tricks on becoming a confident presenter. In the Intermediate course you will learn:

  • How to create impactful presentations and learn the secret to audience engagement.
  • Discover our Zoom, PowerPoint, and other apps and integrations.
  • Discover how you can customize your presentations and become confident presenting  Mentimeter in any setting.