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Test your World Cup knowledge

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Maja Jakobsson2018-06-14

At Mentimeter, we really love quizzes. We’re a diverse team with many different backgrounds and experiences, but we have one thing in common: the competitive spirit (some to a higher degree than others)! Almost every Friday someone creates a quiz so that we can challenge each other. With the soccer World Cup starting, we wanted to share a World Cup quiz that you can play with your colleagues or friends!

Soccer Word Cup Quiz

Do the setup

What better way to end the working week than with a fun quiz? Gather your colleagues around your screen and see who will be the winner! You can also start off the after work with some snacks and a competition.

  1. Download our World Cup quiz to your Mentimeter account:
World Cup Quiz

World Cup Quiz

2. If you don’t already have a Mentimeter account, you can follow the link to sign up for a free account.

3. Make any changes you’d like to the questions! If you’re on a free account, you can delete a few questions to be able to edit the others. 4. Gather your colleagues or friends and start the quiz! 5. Optional: Give the winner a prize!

How to succeed with the Quiz

Is it your first time hosting a Mentimeter Quiz? No worries, just follow the steps above - it is actually that easy. If you still want some more information before getting started, have a look at these links:

Blog post: How to host a Mentimeter Quiz like a pro!

Help article: Mentimeter Quiz