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May 09, 2017
stand out
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Glenice ChenCustomer Support Representative

It’s another morning at the office, and you are seated at your desk, ready to start work. You look around, and observe that everyone follows the same routine. Suddenly, a brilliant thought hit you, and you ask yourself, “How to shine at work?”

Making advancement in today’s workplace is tough. Some claimed that it is impossible to compete against several years of experience, some felt that the burden of everyday work is enough to keep one occupied, much less to do anything else special or extraordinary to up your reputation. But, deep inside, you want to be the one who stands out, the one who is known. The truth is, using an approach of self-promotion does not work as much as doing something for the betterment of the company.

Here are some simple ways I have thought of to help yourself get more noticed in your workplace, basing from some of my own experiences and observations.

Be the one who inspires others

You may ask, “How can I be inspiring?” Being inspiring may sound like an inborn characteristic, but it is actually achievable if you try! To start off in your company, you can initiate learning opportunities such as sending out useful articles that you encounter, and adding on your own reflection about how things from the article can be applied to the company.

If time permits, you can consider organizing mini workshops that can improve the skills of colleagues, such as ‘customer relations best practices’ in the sales team, or ‘UX hacks’ in the design team. To make lunch time a little more interesting, our Mentimeter team has arranged to watch a TED talk video on World’s Usability Day!

Be the one who creates fun

You don’t necessarily need to be the party dude. Doing fun stuff together makes the workplace enjoyable, and you will be appreciated for lifting everyone’s spirits! Build rapport with team-building activities. You can organize something fun to conclude a hectic week, or celebrate an achievement. Go for escape rooms, have themed lunches (Mentimeter had our own Harry Potter themed lunch on Halloween!) or play your company’s favourite sport. Know about the latest tech meetup in the city? Invite your colleagues to go together.

Be the one who revolutionizes the ways of working

To allow a company to progress, certain things need to be changed. Stand out by recommending something ‘revolutionary’. It could be a new method, a new system of doing things, or a cool tool to wow your colleagues. Often, the tools you use to manage your company highly influence the company’s values, such as transparency, efficiency and openness. Could there be something that can help everyone work more efficiently, or get the team to be more organized? If you want something to help your company align goals more easily, or create a more open environment for sharing, I would definitely recommend you to use Mentimeter!

Be the one who helps others

The little help you provide to your colleagues especially when it reduces their stress is definitely going to be much appreciated. Do you see anyone getting stuck in the work? Do you think you might know the answer to the problem? If yes, that is your chance to show yourself! When your company recognizes your genuine desire to help others succeed, you build a strong working relationship. If you are the one who are more experienced in the job, you possess more capability to guide the rest, and your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Are you feeling motivated to make a difference in your workplace now? I hope the above suggestions are easy enough for you to achieve! It is always easy to remember that one who fills others’ cups with daily dose of inspiration, the one who adds positivity and fun to the working environment, the one who influences the team to pick up a useful tool and process, and the one who you can rely on for help. Pick one that you are good at becoming and your colleagues will never see you the same way again!

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