Interactive live polling

Free to use and easy to create! Poll for your audience with our live and online polling tool. No fuss and no stress, just insights, and results.

multiple choice

Ask Multiple Choice questions

abc cloud

Try innovative visualizations

image option

Add images as options

Word Cloud

Word Clouds

Create live Word Clouds that emphasise the most popular words submitted by your audience. Use this question type in the classroom, meetings or training to show the answers in visualisations that are guaranteed to wow your audience.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

Collects answers, thoughts, opinions and data with simple multiple-choice questions. Use in a live setting or part of a survey to really listen to your participants. Add images and gifs to your questions for an extra element of engagement.

Fun Quizzes

Fun Quizzes

Use the quiz competition feature to test knowledge, raise the energy in the room and have fun. Create a quiz from scratch by just adding your questions, or use one of our templates to get started!



Show your audience that you’re really listening and allow them to ask questions and answer them whenever you want. The audience can upvote other participant’s questions and you can use moderation features to stay in control.

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