Benefits of using Mentimeter
for your presentations

Mentimeter is an easy to use presentation software used by more than 5 million people. With Mentimeter you can create fun and interactive presentations. We help you make your events, presentations, lectures and workshops innovative and memorable.

Create fun and interactive presentations

The votes gathered are shown in real-time

Interactive presentations

Engage your audience through interaction. This makes them feel involved and lets them contribute, which in turn increases participation.


Fun presentations

An interactive and engaging presentation is just a lot more fun and energizing for both you and your audience.


Easy to use

Get started with Mentimeter in seconds. No installations, no downloads, only a clean and beautiful interface. User-friendly and to the point features.

A free online presentation software

  • It's free You can use Mentimeter completely free of charge, no credit card needed to get started.
  • Unlimited audience size We don’t limit the number of interactions or votes on your presentation, use Mentimeter in front of large as well as small audiences.
  • Fully web-based Mentimeter is fully web-based which means no downloads or installations required, get started in seconds from any location using your own device: smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Trustable and safe Mentimeter is secure and rock solid. It can handle thousands of votes per minute. Traffic is encrypted with SSL Certificates and we have a 99.9% uptime on all of our services.

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Success stories

Mentimeter is an amazing tool. We have used Mentimeter in several projects and it has made it possible for us to consult in a new way. Not the least when it comes to international assignments with team members in other locations and in other countries.
– Jessika Lindberg,
Management consultant at Acando
Imperial College
We started using Mentimeter in earnest in October 2014. We very quickly grew from 10 staff to 50 staff users in one year. It has proved a popular tool with staff and students. We now have over 300 staff and teachers using the service on regular basis.
– Shireen Look,
Senior Learning Technologist at Imperial College

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Mentimeter is certainly a new way of doing presentations. It is so easy to energize the room and create great interaction.
– Loadimpact

Mentimeter can be used for any occasion

Explore different situations where Mentimeter can be used for interacting with your audience.


Make your workshop fun, collaborative and interactive with Mentimeter, letting you save time for preparation as well as documentation.

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Conduct corporate training sessions in a new way. Add gamification to your session to energize and improve the learning experience.

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Make your teaching more interactive by letting the students actively participate in lectures through using Mentimeter as formative assessment tool.

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Ensure an effective and productive meeting through visualization of everyone’s opinions with Mentimeter.

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Spice up the event with Mentimeter by letting the audience participate in interactive presentations.

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Use Mentimeter for your conference to increase the energy and give everyone the chance to voice their opinion.

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Advanced use cases

Try a collaborative software that actually works. Mentimeter is easy, pragmatic and used for increased effectiveness.

  • Effective teams Gather and present group opinions and input for discussions. Fewer misunderstandings occur when looking at the same picture.
  • Effective decision making process Gather and present group knowledge in real time to use as a basis for decisions.
  • Effective leadership Engage employees and co-workers by displaying that you adapt ways of working and decisions according to their opinions.
  • Self assessment and reflection Conduct a team or self assessment and view the result in real-time. This is a powerful and innovative way of doing group reflections.
  • Transparency at work Get honest responses, increased openness and less personal prejudice through anonymity.
  • Audience analysis Convert audience opinions into sophisticated data, in real time. With Mentimeter, complex data is made understandable and intuitive through beautiful visualization.

What is an Audience response system?

Audience Response Systems are electronic communication tools that provides immediate and anonymous audience responses to a presenter. Other words for the same type of services are Personal Response Systems, Electronic Voting Systems, Student Response Systems and Classroom Response Systems.

The benefits of using Audience response systems (ARSs) has been subject to a lot of research, especially in the field of education. The great advantages of using tools for interactive polling have also reached other areas. Workshop leaders, managers and meeting specialists are now enjoying the benefits of audience insights, facilitated by ARSs:

  • Increased participation
  • Increased openness thanks to anonymity
  • People feel more involved in decisions
  • Fewer misunderstandings
  • Better learning outcomes
  • Better retention
  • Immediate feedback collection

Mentimeter is an online software for interactive presentations. Try it now for free and don’t miss out on all the benefits from audience insights!

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