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Pára de usar mentiras! Mentimeter for your Portuguese or Brazilian audience

Stop the lies and start collecting honest data and feedback during presentations and meeting with Mentimeter - with streamlined translations for your Portuguese presentations.

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Deliver presentations hotter than piri piri

We want you to be able to give the best presentations, lead the most effective meetings and host the most interesting training sessions. By giving you the ability to control which language the voting instructions are in, you can create more streamlined presentations for your audience.

From Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon - we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re on the beaches of Rio or the plazas of Lisbon, you can choose the Portuguese translation that fits your audience best! Just select the language of your choice from the drop menu in the Configure settings.

How does it work?

A screenshot of the Mentimeter editor


Create your Mentimeter presentation in Portuguese

The Brazilian and Portuguese flags


Change the language of the voting instructions in the Configure settings

A presentation and the voting view in a phone


When your audience enters the presentation code at and joins the presentation, Mentimeter will appear in Portuguese

Try it out for yourself!

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