The Team

The Mentimeter Team

Picture of Johnny

Johnny CEO

Johnny focuses on sales, customers, press & marketing. He's the chief twitterer and master of feedback gathering. He also happens to be the nicest person in the world - tweet him and see for yourself.

Picture of Johan

Johan VP Engineering

Johan has the amazing middle name Quintus! He has been building beautiful products for many years and is now a key person in scaling Mentimeter to millions around the world.

Picture of Johanna

Johanna Marketing Director

Coming from the small town of Växjö. Johanna is an amazing diverse marketer, doing everything from PR to user analysis.

Picture of Niklas

Niklas Chief Product Officer

Niklas is our prioritization guru and loves to hack when he has the time. He has the unusual combination of being a long-time management consultant and a devoted JavaScript developer.

Picture of Ludvig

Ludvig Full-stack Developer

Ludvig is both a frontend and backend developer that fixes all problems with ease. Strongest person in the team, everyone needs a Ludvig in life!

Picture of Maja

Maja User Experience Designer

Maja divides her time between marketing and product team making sure we are doing the right things to grow. She's a multi-talented UX-designer, project leader, developer and "Gothenburger".

Picture of Joie

Joie Customer Success

Joie is the leader of the growing J-club at Mentimeter, enjoys exploring Europe and making sure we listen and learn from all our users.

Picture of Martin

Martin Head of Sales

Martin loves news, news and news (but not #fakenews). He has travelled quite a bit and has had some fun experiences from living in Hong Kong...just ask!

Picture of Geries

Geries Frontend Lead

Geries is an amazing dancer and an even better grill master - he is responsible for making sure the Mentimeter patio always is lively with great music and food.

Picture of Victor

Victor UI Developer

Passionated for Motocross and great user experience. Don't be surprised if you see his name on the big stage in the future talking about how to build rapid tech driven design.

Picture of Hanna

Hanna Senior Customer Success

First time she met the team, Hanna got stuck in the office. She is also our second dancing superstar. Hanna makes sure our customers are successful using Mentimeter.

Picture of Klaarika

Klaarika Sales Dev

Klaarika is our super singstar, she is even the champion of Europe in folklore singing. Loves to bring something Estonian to spice up the coffee with.

Picture of Emma

Emma Creative Content Producer

Emma is from the small town Ware (where?) in the UK. A true lover of travels, she's been traveling from Moscow to Beijing with the Trans-Siberian railway. Emma the Explorer!

Picture of Taylor

Taylor Data Visualization Developer

Taylor moved all the way from US and A to join the Mentimeter team. Part of the MGC (Menti Ginger Club) and a nerd when it comes to visualization.

Picture of Glenice

Glenice Customer Success

Glenice is our ears and eyes to our users. She inspires them to become even better Mentimeter users. She saw snow for the first time during last winter in Sweden!

Picture of Oxana

Oxana Frontend Developer

Oxana is the smartest in the room (was a PhD researcher in molecular evolution) and is part of the West Coast Chalmers club of Mentimeter.

Picture of Jesper

Jesper Developer

Jesper has lived in 4 countries and is a huge music lover. He is the best flute player in the team, and potentially in entire Stockholm.

Picture of Jonathan

Jonathan Developer

The most dangerous person in the team, Jonathan is a martial arts expert and knows 50 ways to kill you with just his smile. Almost always eats what Jesper eats.

Advisory Board

Picture of Katarina Bonde

Katarina Bonde Advisor

Katarina has been leading companies on an international stage for many years, she has brought European companies to the US and the other way around. Today she sits in several boards and loves spending time in the family vineyard in California.

Picture of Lisa Enckell

Lisa Enckell Advisor

Lisa is a currently VP of marketing for the gift giving company Wrapp. Wrapp has high level support, among some are Niklas Zennström and Reid Hoffman. She just recently became a San Francisco resident, loving the west coast but struggling with time difference to Sweden.

Picture of Magnus Hult

Magnus Hult Advisor

Magnus has a long list of successful tech startups behind him, he was one of the first employees at Spotify back in the days when the music industry needed a revolution and co-founder or Wrapp when gifting needed one. Now he is revolutionizing training with Vint.

Picture of Leo Giertz

Leo Giertz Advisor

Leo has been starting and building mobile internet companies for many years, video streaming service Bambuser and Wrapp have been two companies heavily influenced by his work. Since he loves training, co-founding Vint was the natural step from him.

Picture of Kristoffer

Kristoffer Renholm Co-founder and Advisor

Kristoffer was with the company from start and is now an external advisor and #1 fan of the team. He advises on tech, travel and #latenightsnacks.


Picture of Henrik

Henrik Fräsén Chairman of the Board

Mr Fräsén is one of the co-founders and now heads up the Board. He also supports us in on product development, analytics and marketing.

Picture of Per Appelgren

Per Appelgren Board member

Per is passionate about collaboration. He currently works as an independent advisor and was previously CEO of Connecta and VP Nordic Sales in Avanade but would love to be a professional skier.

Picture of Hannah Meiton

Hannah Meiton Board member

Hannah has been building companies all around the US including SF based Wildfire Interactive (sold to Google). She's now back in Sweden heading up growth at Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify for Business). She has broken more bones than anyone on the board.

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