The Team

The Mentimeter Team

Image of Sam
SamData Analytics Director
Image of Johan
Image of Johanna
Image of Niklas
NiklasChief Product Officer
Image of Ludvig
LudvigFull Stack Engineer
Image of Maja
MajaUX Lead
Image of Hanna
HannaSales Director
Image of Georg
Image of Ellie
EllieHead of Talent Acquisition
Image of Victor
VictorDesign Technologist
Image of Klaarika
KlaarikaSenior Relationship Manager
Image of Emma
EmmaContent Marketing Director
Image of Joie
JoieCustomer Support Representative
Image of Taylor
TaylorData Visualization Engineer
Image of Federica
FedericaBusiness Development Director - Sales
Image of Chassa
ChassaSales Director
Image of Ashleigh
AshleighSales Development Director
Image of Christofer
Christofer Front-end Engineer
Image of Emma
EmmaProduct Designer
Image of Jennifer
JenniferSupport Lead
Image of Anna
AnnaProduct Manager
Image of Marga
MargaAccount Executive
Image of Soner
SonerFront-end Engineer
Image of Axel
AxelFull Stack Engineer
Image of Arvin
ArvinFront-end Engineer
Image of Vibeke
VibekeFull Stack Engineer
Image of Jakob
JakobVP Product
Image of Silvia
SilviaCustomer Success Manager
Image of Rebekah
RebekahSenior Sales Development Representative
Image of Francis
Francis Sales Manager
Image of Aleksandra
AleksandraSales Operations Manager
Image of Sofia
SofiaFullstack Engineer
Image of Josefine
JosefineCustomer Support Specialist
Image of Jacob
JacobFront-end Engineer
Image of Carl
CarlHead of Brand
Image of Hanna
HannaMarketing Automation Manager
Image of Niklas
NiklasAccount Executive
Image of Hampus
HampusCustomer Support Representative
Image of Josipa
JosipaAccount Executive
Image of Kristian
KristianFull Stack Engineer
Image of Sofia
SofiaSales Development Representative
Image of Amanda
Amanda Office Vibe Manager
Image of Solmaz
SolmazFull Stack Engineer
Image of Aida
AidaTalent Acquisition
Image of Majid
MajidFront-end Engineer
Image of Lovisa
LovisaSales Intern
Image of Johan
JohanAccount Executive
Image of Josefin
JosefinProduct Manager Intern
Image of Marja
MarjaRelationship Manager
Image of Sandra
SandraSales Manager
Image of Carl
CarlSales Manager
Image of Luiza
LuizaAccount Executive
Image of Charlotte
CharlotteDesign Technologist
Image of Jacob
JacobProduction & Content Manager
Image of Louise
LouiseGeneral Counsel
Image of Zoe
ZoePerformance Marketer
Image of Olivia
OliviaContent Marketing Manager
Image of Yago
YagoCustomer Support Representative
Image of Max
MaxSales Solutions Engineer
Image of Jacob
JacobUI Designer
Image of Noah
NoahData Engineer
Image of Meriem
MeriemSales Development Representative
Image of Oliver
OliverDevOps Engineer
Image of Ittaí
IttaíSales Development Representative
Image of Sebastian
Sebastian Art Director
Image of Erik
Erik Relationship Manager
Image of Victor
Victor Account Executive
Image of Johan
JohanSales Manager
Image of Raashi
RaashiCustomer Support Representative
Image of Luisa
LuisaCustomer Support Representative
Image of Oscar
OscarFrontend Engineer
Image of James
JamesAccount Executive
Image of Sara
Image of Mona
MonaSales Development Representative
Image of Julia
JuliaCustomer Success Manager
Image of Gylleann
GylleannMarketing Project Manager
Image of Anna
AnnaVP People
Image of Kristina
KristinaBusiness Controller
Image of Erik
ErikCustomer Success Manager
Image of Brenda
BrendaAccount Executive
Image of Jakob
JakobFront-end Engineer
Image of Jonas
JonasUI Engineer
Image of Jessica
JessicaAccount Executive
Image of Sarah
SarahEngineering Intern
Image of Ida
Ida Full Stack Engineer
Image of Ramtin
RamtinEngineering Intern
Image of Anton
AntonEngineering Intern
Image of Elina
ElinaFull Stack Engineer
Image of Sahana
SahanaSales Operations Manager
Image of Oscar
OscarCommunity Content Creator
Image of Madeleine
MadeleineProduct Manager
Image of Max
Max Sales Development Representative
Image of Sofie
SofieProduct Manager
Image of Geordi
GeordiFull Stack Engineer
Image of Stefanie
StefanieAccount Executive
Image of Jeremy
JeremyData Scientist
Image of Diego
DiegoFront-end Engineer
Image of Christina
ChristinaUX Intern
Image of Tally
TallyAccount Executive
Image of Adam
AdamRelationship Manager
Image of Tiago
TiagoUX Designer
Image of Siamak
Image of Helena
HelenaSales Manager
Image of Kyriaki
KyriakiUX Designer
Image of Leonie
LeonieProduct Manager
Image of Hilda
HildaRelationship Manager
Image of Justine
JustineRelationship Manager
Image of Mattias
MattiasProduct Manager
Image of Mateja
MatejaSales Development Representative
Image of Sestria
SestriaAccount Executive
Image of Andreas
AndreasBusiness Development Director
Image of Angelica
AngelicaSales Development Representative
Image of Christofer
Christofer Fullstack Engineer
Image of Daniel
DanielCustomer Support Representative
Image of Erik
ErikData Scientist
Image of Merve
MerveSales Development Representative
Image of Oleksandra
OleksandraFront-end Engineer
Image of Cesare
CesarePaid Marketing Director
Image of Kenan
KenanCo-worker Experience Intern
Image of Lena
LenaEngineering Manager
Image of Lina
LinaFront-end / UI Engineer
Image of Thomas
ThomasContent Creator Intern
Image of Ella Klara
Ella KlaraFull Stack Engineer Intern
Image of Stephanie
StephanieProduct Manager
Image of Annika
AnnikaProduct Data Scientist
Image of Raghu
RaghuUX/Product designer
Image of Sven
SvenBackend Engineer
Image of Amit
AmitBackend Engineer
Image of Zeynep
ZeynepDemand Generation
Image of Sirak
SirakTalent Acquisition Specialist
Image of Sara
SaraProduct Data Scientist
Image of Emelie
EmelieUX Designer
Image of Anton
AntonMarketing Intern
Image of Andreas
AndreasMarketing Intern
Image of Seema
Seema Talent Acquisition
Image of Ragnar
RagnarDeputy Physical Security Manager
Image of Boris
BorisLead Brand Enforcement
Image of Ville
VilleHead Revenue Assurance
Image of Doglas
Doglas Head of Cybersecurity
Image of Penelope
PenelopeHead of Growth Hacking
Image of Daisy
DaisyHead of Customer Satisfaction
Image of Johnny


Image of Katarina Bonde
Katarina BondeChairwoman of the Board
Image of Per Appelgren
Per AppelgrenBoard member
Image of Hannah Meiton
Hannah MeitonBoard member
Image of Miriam Grut Norrby
Miriam Grut NorrbyBoard member

Advisory Board

Image of Henrik Fräsén
Henrik FräsénCo-founder and advisor
Image of Lisa Enckell
Lisa EnckellAdvisor
Image of Magnus Hult
Magnus HultAdvisor
Image of Leo Giertz
Leo GiertzAdvisor
Image of Kristoffer Renholm
Kristoffer RenholmCo-founder and advisor