HQ Relocation Icebreaker

Most of us can work remotely right? So where would be the coolest possible place to work from? See what your audience has to say!

We're relocating our HQ, where shall we go?

How To Use This Template

Hit that ‘Get template’ button and download this icebreaker with just one simple click. Wait… you don’t have an account? Oh wow. Well it’s time to sign up and get in on the icebreaking action. So are we to sail the seven seas? Make the jump into cyberspace? What about to a Moonbase and beyond? Find out with this icebreaker.

How To Use Pin on Images

Like all our other interactive slides, Pin on Image is super easy to use and displays votes in real time! So just have your audience join and then let them click wherever on the screen they want to cast their vote. All you have to do is chill out and watch those votes roll in. Banter and chat is optional but advised. 

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