Gather Conference Feedback

Send this survey to conference attendees to gather their honest feedback after the conference.

Get feedback after the conference

How to download & use this Template

Once logged in you can simply click ‘Get template’ to download this icebreaker. Once downloaded, just click the green tick and it will appear in your presentations and can be used right away. For those that need to sign up first, then it only takes a few clicks and a little typing. 

How to use Scales

Once you have decided on your question, label both ends of your scale before finally finishing off your content with some statements. Get extra creative by adding in some images of changing the chart to a Spider Chart. Once your audience has voted, you will see both their average rating as well as how votes are spread.

What is an Icebreaker?

Icebreakers are the perfect way to warm up any audience and ease those pre-presentation nerves. Make them fun, informative, or gather some all important data. Ease both your audience and yourself into the meeting or class and get started on the right foot.

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