Thanksgiving Quiz

A day of giving thanks, feasting, and watching the parades. But there is a long history of traditions behind one of America’s favorite holidays. So why don’t we quiz you on it?

Thanksgiving Quiz
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Perfect for after Thanksgiving Dinner

From stories of America’s earliest settlers to the modern parades that children and families flock to in their droves. Thanksgiving has a long history dating back to 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

One of, if not the most, popular holidays in North America, we have gathered questions on everything food and traditions related. It really is the ideal topic for a fun family and friends quiz.

Thanksgiving Quiz Questions

Making many many many Thanksgiving templates is the stuff of my dreams. For now we have to settle for one and plenty more trivia questions. So feel free to use these in your next Mentimeter quiz. 

Multiple Choice Questions

1) Which of the following was NOT served at the 1st Thanksgiving?

  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Venison

2) When was the first Thanksgiving NFL game?

  • 1924
  • 1930
  • 1934

3) What native American tribe is said to have dined with the pilgrims at the 1st Thanksgiving?

  • Mohawk
  • Seneca
  • Wampanoag 

4) In what country did the Pilgrims originally settle in from England?

  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Canada

5) When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

  • 1st Monday of October
  • 2nd Monday of October
  • 1st Monday of November

6) In what year did the 1st Macy’s Parade take place?

  • 1924
  • 1934
  • 1944

7) Which of these African countries also celebrates Thanksgiving?

  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Kenya

8) Approximately how many turkeys are eaten in the US each Thanksgiving?

  • 20-30 million
  • 30-40 million
  • 40-50 million

9) Which NFL team has played a game on Thanksgiving since 1934?

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Detroit Lions
  • Cleveland Browns

10) What President famously refused to declare Thanksgiving a holiday?

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Richard Nixon
  • George Washington

Trivia Questions

11) What President made Thanksgiving a holiday?

12) What is the name of the native American who acted as interpreter for the Pilgrims and Natives?

13) Which kind of turkeys gobble?

14) What state produces the most turkeys?

15) What cartoon character has made the most appearances at the Macy’s parade?

16) Name the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America.

17) ‘A National Day of’ what has been held on top of Cole’s Hill since 1970?

18) Who was the chief of the local Native American tribe?

19) True or False: Fish was served at the 1st Thanksgiving.

20) Which famous Christmas song was originally written for Thanksgiving?


1) Turkey

2) 1934

3) Wampanoag

4) Netherlands

5) 2nd Monday of October

6) 1924

7) Liberia

8) 40-50 million

9) Detroit Lions

10) Thomas Jefferson

11) Abraham Lincoln

12) Squanto or Tisquantum

13) Male

14) Minnesota

15) Snoopy 

16) The Mayflower

17) A National Day of Mourning

18) Massasoit

19) True

20) Jingle Bells

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