Spanish Language Quiz

Master your Spanish vocab for holiday and brush up on your skills.

Spanish Language Quiz

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Spanish Trivia

Trying to fit all the lovely intricacies and complexities of a language into one fun and interactive quiz was nearly impossible. So we have decided to add in some extra questions you can add to your own Menti presentation.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is a synonym for Oír - To hear ?

  • Esperar
  • Parecer
  • Escuchar

2. Which of these is an irregular verb?

  • Caer
  • Correr
  • Cambiar 

3. Which of the following is grammatically correct?

  • Ese viejo amigo mi reconoció
  • El tren iba a gran velocidad
  • La mayoría de los turistos visitó el museo

4. How would you translate, ‘I’m thirsty?

  • Me siento sed
  • Tengo sed
  • Tengo sed

5. What does Junto a mean?

  • After 
  • Beside
  • In front

6. How would I tell someone to ‘Turn around’?

  • Da la vuelta
  • Seguir recto
  • Girar a la izquierda

7. Which of the following is an example of the Pretérito imperfecto?

  • Él comió
  • Me gustaría
  • Yo solía

8. What is the correct plural form of la luz (the light)?

  • Las luces
  • Lac luses

9. True of False: Está lloviendo? Means ‘is it raining?.’

  • True
  • False

10. The verb poner means to put but also to...?

  • Make
  • Settle
  • Throw

Extra Questions

11. How would you ask someone if they speak Spanish (formal voice)?

12. How would you translate ‘The worst?

13. Mediante is an example of what type of noun?

14. Which tense is further in the future, the El Futuro Próximo or the El Futuro Perfecto

15. Conjugate despertarse in the third person masculine plural in the present tense.

16. True or False: both El and Él are subject pronouns.

17. ¡Lo siento, no entiendo! Translates to what?

18. In everyday spoken Spanish, which of the following words often gets left out? Yo quiero comer tacos.

19. Estaba jugando con mi perro is an example of what tense?

20. What does Tener un humor de perros mean?


1. Escuchar

2. Caer

3. El tren iba a gran velocidad

4. Tengo sed

5. Beside

6. Da la vuelta

7. Yo solía

8. Las luces

9. True

10. Make

11. ¿Usted habla español

12. Lo peor

13. A preposition / preposición

14. El Futuro Perfecto

15. Ellos se despiertan

16. True

17. ¡I’m sorry, I don’t understand!

18. Yo

19. Past Progressive

20. To be a in a bad mood

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