Newlywed Game

No matter if the happy couple want to play, or the guests are looking for some fun, this template is guaranteed to generate plenty of laughs!

Newlywed Game

How to download & use this Template

Everyone that is logged into their Mentimeter account just has to hit ‘Get template’ to download this template. All you have to do then is click the green check mark that will appear and you will jump to your presentations and can get started. If you need to sign up first, don’t worry it only takes some clicks and a little typing.

How to use Mentimeter for your next get together

No matter what the occasion, we have the tools to make the experience much more fun and interactive. From fun games, to some special one-off event, add in Mentimeter to get the group involved, no matter if everyone is present in the same room or if joining remotely. Quizzes, games, and plenty more can be made with Mentimeter, if you can imagine it then you can play it with Menti.

How to Play The Newlywed Game

The best part about this game and this template is that there is no one-size-fits all approach. The special couple can play by themselves or the guests can get in on the action. See if everyone is in agreement or if opinions are divided, this template is the perfect way to get everyone joking, thinking and celebrating the happy couple’s special day. 

Our template is easy to download (it only takes one single click). Paid users can fully customize this template and make it their own!

Don’t worry if these questions don't suit your needs though because we have plenty more fun questions you can ask! Feel free to create your own Menti or to use them in whatever format you want.  

Questions for Friends

So here are some more questions about the guests of honor that family and friends can vote on. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Shoe Game’, these questions are designed to be entertaining.

  • Who is the best listener?
  • Who is more talkative?
  • Who argues the most?
  • Who is more stubborn?
  • Who is the least organized?
  • Who is calmer?
  • Who is more adventurous?
  • Who complains the most?
  • Who is the most forgetful?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Who is most likely to cry during a movie?
  • Who is most likely to clap when the plane lands?
  • Who gets lost most often?
  • Who pays the bill more often?
  • Who is more likely to become famous?

Questions For The Couple

Get the happy couple up to the stage and see who knows more about their history and one another. Add these to a Menti and show the results on a screen to make sure everyone can join in on the fun!

  • Where was your first date?
  • What is the other’s worst habit?
  • What is their favorite film?
  • What is their favorite meal?
  • What three words best describe them?
  • What is their guilty pleasure?
  • Who is their celebrity crush?
  • What do they order at a bar?
  • What is their go-to food order?
  • What country do they most want to visit?
  • What’s their party trick?
  • Who takes longer in the shower?
  • Who needs the most time to decide on an outfit?
  • What is their biggest fear?
  • What was your first impression of them (be honest)?

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