Olympics Quiz & Trivia Questions

The great sporting event held every four years is back after this year after a slight delay. Test your friends, family and colleagues knowledge and see who finished on top of the podium with the gold.

Olympics Trivia Quiz
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Gold Medal

Faster, Higher, Stronger

A hallowed set of games dating back to ancient Greece, the Olympics are an event like no other! So what better way to celebrate another 16 days of incredible feats of strength, speed and skill, than with a quiz on the history and the glory of Games gone by. See who has it in them to be named Olympic Quiz champion.

Olympics Quiz Questions

The Olympics have been going on for so long and so many incredible competitors have given us memorable moments that we couldn’t fit it all into one Menti. So we decided to be extra generous and provide you with some inspiration for your own quiz night. So feel free to use these in your own Menti presentation and wow everyone you know with everything you know.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which city has most recently hosted a Summer Games?

  • Barcelona
  • Atlanta
  • Sydney

2. What is the winner of the Decathlon known as?

  • The World's Greatest Athlete
  • The World’s Fittest Man
  • The Modern Achilles

3. Which city’s Olympic Stadium is known as the ‘Bird’s Nest’?

  • London
  • Beijing
  • Athens

4. Which of the following is NOT an Olympic track event?

  • 3000 meter steeplechase
  • 1500 meters
  • 800 meters hurdles

5. Who were the Ancient Olympic Games held in honor of?

  • Zeus
  • The dead
  • The Greek people

6. Which of these countries has hosted the most Olympic Games?

  • United Kingdom
  • France 
  • United States

7. English and what other language are the official languages of the Olympics?

  • German
  • French
  • Greek

8. What was particularly special about the 2012 London Olympics?

  • It was the first time every participating country sent a female athlete
  • It featured the most participating countries
  • It was the most medals won by a host nation

9. Where will the 2024 Games be held?

  • Dublin
  • Paris
  • Stockholm

10. Which of the following is not a color of an Olympic Ring?

  • Black 
  • Red
  • Orange

Trivia Questions

1. In what country is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located?

2. How many times have the Olympics been cancelled?

3. Which sprinter was famously stripped of his 100m gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics?

4. Wrestling and which other sport are only open to amateur athletes?

5. Jesse Owens won gold medals in sprinting and what other event?

6. Who lit the Olympic torch at the 1996 Atlanta Games?

7. Dick Fosbury revolutionized the technique of what Olympic event at the 1968 Games?

8. Flo-Jo set World and Olympic records in what events in Los Angeles in 1984?

9. What two lifts must athletes complete in weightlifting?

10. What field event took place in the Ancient Olympic stadium in 2004?


Multiple Choice

  1. Sydney in 2000
  2. The World's Greatest Athlete
  3. Beijing
  4. 800 meters hurdles
  5. Zeus
  6. United States
  7. French
  8. It was the first time every participating country sent a female athlete
  9. Paris
  10. Orange

Trivia Questions

  1. Switzerland
  2. 3 - WWI & Twice for WWII
  3. Ben Johnson
  4. Boxing
  5. Long Jump
  6. Muhammad Ali
  7. High Jump
  8. 100m and 200m
  9. Snatch & Clean and Jerk
  10. Shot Put

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