Countries of the World Quiz & Trivia

Now this will be a test! Countries provide us with some of the most fascinating and in-depth trivia we can imagine. So it was only right we did this wonderful subject justice by making a Menti quiz!

Countries of the World Quiz
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Countries of the World Trivia Questions

From all corners of the globe each country has its own unique story to tell, its own special history, and, of course, its own fun facts. In saying all of that it only makes sense we couldn’t fit all our amazing questions into just one Menti. So luckily for you we decided to share them here. So add them to your own presentation or use them as you see fit. 

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What country is known as ‘The Emerald Isle’?

  • Maldives
  • Ireland
  • Philippines

2. What country has the longest coastline?

  • Russia
  • Indonesia
  • Canada

3. Which of these countries is NOT in Asia?

  • Bosnia
  • Israel
  • Thailand 

4. Which country has the largest population?

  • India
  • USA
  • Russia

5. Patagonia is part of what two countries?

  • Chile and Argentina
  • Brazil and Argentina
  • Chile and Peru

6. Which country is known as the Hexagon?

  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany

7. Sofia is the capital of what country?

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Belarus

8. What animal is the emblem of Canada?

  • Beaver
  • Moose
  • Bear

9. What country refers to themselves as ‘Kiwis’?

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

10. Where would you find Loch Ness?

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Trivia Questions

11. From what country did the US purchase Alaska in the early 18th century?

12. What country uses the Złoty as currency?

13. What EU country has the largest population?

14. Where is Transylvania located?

15. What river runs through Paris?

16. What is the most populated African country?

17. Where is the world’s oldest monarchy located?

18. Fill in the blanks: M_ _am_ _ _ue

19. True or False: The United Kingdom has the most overseas territories

20. What country’s national anthem has no official lyrics and is known in English as ‘The Royal March’?


1. Ireland

2. Canada

3. Bosnia

4. India

5. Chile and Argentina

6. France

7. Bulgaria

8. Beaver

9. New Zealand

10. Scotland

11. Russia

12. Poland

13. Germany

14. Romania

15. The Seine

16. Nigeria

17. Japan

18. Mozambique

19. True

20. Spain

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