Lyrics Quiz

It’s one thing to remember the beat, the melody and the rhythm… but can you remember the lyrics? See if you and your audience can with this fun music quiz with a twist!

Lyrics Quiz

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Singing girl

We all know the chorus

Do you stay quiet till the chorus comes on? Hum along until the iconic part comes on? Or are we underestimating you? Well now it’s time for you and all of your guests to show off exactly how much you remember and how much you know about these iconic songs! 

Singing child

But what about the verses?

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Man singing

And who sang what?

It’s one thing to remember the lyrics when the song is playing through your headphones, your stereo or speaker, but can you do it without the music? This is a great way of testing how much you, your friends and family happen to know about the songs we all love. Get ready to repeat lines, verses and choruses in the hopes of finding the right words!

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