Taking your public speaking to the next level

Pablo Renaud is an expert in eCommerce with over 20 years of experience in helping online businesses to succeed. He is a thought leader in his field and regularly holds training, workshops, keynotes and more to help others achieve their goals. 

We sat down with Pablo to discuss how he uses Mentimeter to take his public speaking skills to the next level. 

pablo renaud public speaking

Warming up the audience at the start of a presentation with an icebreaker is a great way to engage the audience from the get-go. Pablo says “I always start my presentations asking questions to the public”. By using Mentimeter to ask questions, as opposed to the traditional raising hands, the speaker can get more concrete data as well as making sure everyone feels comfortable to answer through the anonymity of the tool. He uses his classic multiple-choice question ‘are there more cellphones or toothbrushes in the world?’ to get an insight into who is the audience is, he says “it is super important(..) to understand who I am talking to”. Icebreakers are the perfect way to get to know your audience better at the start of a presentation and then enables you to adapt or tailor the presentation to their needs.

Pablo discusses how important it is to maintain engagement with the audience, whether it be a small meeting or a large conference with thousands of people. Mentimeter is “the perfect tool to generate interaction with the people listening”. The interactive question types enable the speaker to get real-time insights and inputs from the audience. 

Pablo explains how he uses Mentimeter when public speaking to collect the audience’s interactions and answers. It is great for reflecting after the presentation to learn, improve and to segment the answers to gain even more information about the audience. Pablo says he uses Mentimeter “ to collect their interaction, their answers (...) and to drive the engagement up”. The audience can easily participate by connecting via their smartphones. 

pablo renaud

Video Transcript:

Hello, I am Pablo Renaud and I have been doing online business for two decades now and I try to use that experience, that knowledge to help others. 

I always start my presentations asking questions to the public, for instance, are there more cellphones or toothbrushes in the world and people get confused and try to compare and it is a difficult answer. That is super important for me, I need to understand who am I talking to. 

This traditionally has been by raising hands which is ok, but since I found Mentimeter I found that it was super interesting to make them participate and make them be part of the show. They just love this. 

One thing I found super important for my day-to-day life is to maintain engagement of the people I talk to, whether it is a four-person meeting or 1000 people all listening to a keynote. In those two activities, I found an amazing ally in Mentimeter because I found the perfect tool to generate interaction with the people listening. 

I think that the way people consume content, either be a lecture or the work you are doing or just internet entertainment has changed completely, so we need to use that, we need to use the technology for our advantage and make a good point of it. People with devices can interact, it can complement what you are saying with answers to questions.

I use Mentimeter every time I need to speak in front of people and I want to collect their interaction, their answers and it is an amazing tool to drive the engagement up which is, in the end, what you want when you are a professor or you are a public speaker. People engage with the messages and learn from what you are telling them.

The answer, by the way, is that there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world today, which is very interesting.


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