Make strategy and leadership workshops interactive with Mentimeter

Andrew Hollo is Principal Consultant at Workwell Consulting in Australia and uses Mentimeter to conduct interactive strategy and leadership workshops for government agencies and nonprofits. We spoke to him about how he is using Mentimeter to create innovate workshops that yield great results.

Strategy and leadership workshops are important for many organisations, but it can be difficult to collect the right information from participants and get the full picture. Before using Mentimeter, Andrew found that he relied on in-person questioning and group discussions in order to collect responses. He would then gather selective feedback from a larger group, some of which he would record. By conducting workshops in this manner he found that they were highly prone to omissions, selective bias, and favoring extroverts and those who are articulate. This is by no means a unique problem, and something experienced by many management consultants and others who lead workshops.

Andrew found that with Mentimeter he was able to create better, more inclusive workshops easily;

“I can pose a question easily (so easily, in fact, that the group can suggest questions and answer categories, and I can type them straight in, and have them respond immediately) and within a minute or two, have aggregated responses from every participant.”

An example Andrew shared was that in one particular workshop he wanted to ask a leadership group of 30 people some detailed questions about leadership skills and attributes, rating importance and current level. He was not only able to do this with Mentimeter but also display these results on a 2x2 matrix which impressed the group. Without Mentimeter this type of live data visualisation wouldn’t be possible during the workshop. Instead, he would have had to sort through the data himself after the workshop. Live data visualizations are not only impressive but can spark further discussion during the workshop.

Aside from the benefits of the workshops, Andrew also comments that Mentimeter is “easy to use by me, but even easier to use by participants. It has no lag, and the design is great - it looks top-notch and makes me look totally professional with my clients."

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