Engage large audiences with Mentimeter

Make your speaking events about more than just talking. Use Mentimeter to listen to your audience.

Make sure everyone gets heard

It can be difficult to engage large audiences and make them feel like you’re really listening to them. With Mentimeter you can listen to your whole audience by asking them what they really think, testing their knowledge and more with our interactive questions.


Real-time data


Unlimited audience size

speech bubble

Moderate audience Q&A




Focus on your audience and stay in control of your presentation

Say goodbye to complicated presentation clickers and turn your smartphone into a presentation remote control with Mentimote! The Mentimote gives you the power to change presentation slides, moderate audience questions and more.

What do you think about the current political climate?

Easy audience Q&A

Your audience can ask questions to you with their smartphones which you can answer at any point during your presentation, or save for a specific Q&A session or panel. Use our Mentimote to moderate the questions beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly. This gives you full control over your presentations whilst making sure your audience’s voices are heard.

Example questions for speakers

Templates for Speakers

Whether you need some inspiration, a quick icebreaker or just want to see the many different ways you can use Mentimeter, explore our Templates for Speakers and add the ones you like best directly to your Mentimeter account!

Impress with interactive presentations