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Make memories, create fun and build excitement. Use Mentimeter at private events, pub quizzes, religious gatherings - wherever you want to engage participants. Our flexible solution allows you to make interactive experiences whatever the occasion.

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Private events

Host events with a twist

Add something new and unexpected to your events by using Mentimeter. Mentimeter’s live polling features make events more inclusive. Use Mentimeter to display opinions from a wine tasting event, add even more fun to a wedding with a quiz, or create a space where everyone’s voice is heard at community events. By using Mentimeter at your next event you can create an even better experience for everyone.


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Who was the first woman in space?

Quiz Competition templates

Quiz Competitions are a great way to test knowledge and add some friendly competition to your private events. Browse our ready-to-use Quiz Competition templates, add them to your account, and unveil them at your next event!

Templates for private events

Templates for private events

Whatever your next event is, we have a template for it! We have templates for birthdays, weddings, wine tasting, and much more. Simply select the template you want to use and add it to your Mentimeter account. Edit and adjust the content as you like and then present it when you’re ready!

People in a pub

Hold a pub quiz with Mentimeter

With Mentimeter, hosting a pub quiz is easy, and fun and removes all the admin work that often comes with holding such an event. By using the Quiz Competition feature, you can build competitive live quizzes in minutes and your audience can participate using their smartphones.

Impress with interactive presentations

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