Make meetings fun and engaging

Whether you’re leading a meeting, hosting a workshop or training your team make sure that you make it productive, inclusive and fun with Mentimeter.

Unlimited ways to be a better presenter

Mentimeter helps you to become a better leader by making you a better listener. Simply ask your audience a question using one of the many different Mentimeter Questions Types in order to find out what they really think, or test their knowledge. Explore our live polling options to learn more.

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Improve your organization

Mentimeter isn’t just for meetings! HR professionals can use Mentimeter to create anonymous surveys to collect feedback from employees. Mentimeter can also be used during corporate trainings to increase attentiveness. Whether you use Mentimeter with a few of your colleagues or in front of large audiences at conferences you can create better engagement and improve your organization.

Export presentation data

Export presentation data in order to make data-driven decisions and build more democratic organizations. Save time and avoid stressful note-taking by asking your audience to input their feedback, answers and ideas with their smartphones which you can export after the presentation as a PDF of Excel file.

Make strategy and leadership workshops interactive

Andrew Hollo is Principal Consultant at Workwell Consulting in Australia and uses Mentimeter to conduct interactive strategy and leadership workshops for government agencies and nonprofits. Learn about how he is using Mentimeter to create innovate workshops that yield great results.

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Templates for Business Leaders

Get free Mentimeter templates for your meetings, trainings, feedback sessions and more. Simply add the templates that are most relevant to your account and edit them in order to adapt them to best fit your needs.

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Mentimeter for Teams and Enterprise

Mentimeter works best when everyone’s onboard! Roll-out Mentimeter to your whole team or organization in order to unlock collaboration and knowledge sharing features.

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