Interactive presentations for everyone

Whatever the situation, Mentimeter has a solution for everyone.


Something for everyone

Build interactive presentations with the easy-to-use online presentation builder. Add questions, polls, quizzes, word clouds, surveys, images, gifs, and more to your presentation to create fun and engaging presentations.

Use at any occasion or event

Use at any occasion or event

Great for small and large audiences

Great for small and large audiences



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Make meetings fun and engaging

Make a meaningful impact on your organization through engagement and interaction. Make sure that decisions get made and everyone feels listened to during meetings by using Mentimeter. Host interactive workshops, sales meetings and corporate training sessions that people actually want to attend! Present ideas and ask for answers and feedback from participants.


Mentimeter for schools and universities

Make your teaching more interactive and fun for both you and your students. Use Mentimeter to create formative assessments, spark discussions and test knowledge with fun quiz competitions. Suitable for all types of education, from primary school to higher education. Mentimeter is the perfect tool to increase classroom engagement, and also make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Business meeting

Mentimeter for Enterprise

Mentimeter for Enterprises is perfect for an entire team or company who want to use Mentimeter. With plenty of extra features to make collaboration and sharing presentations with your colleagues easy, you can say goodbye to boring presentations at your organization forever.


Engage large audiences

Present beautiful presentations to your audience, and engage with them too. Mentimeter is perfect for speakers who present in front of live audiences and want to listen to what their audience says too. Use Mentimeter to host conferences, lectures, webinars or any type of event where you need to engage a large audience.

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Make your private events interactive

Turn any event into a fun, interactive experience with Mentimeter. Whether you’re hosting a pub quiz, a wedding sports event or religious ceremony use Mentimeter to make sure that it’s a fun and memorable event that gets everyone involved!

Impress with interactive presentations