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Interact and vote with smartphones during presentations

Make your audience feel more involved and motivated by enabling them to contribute to your presentations. Mentimeter shows the results live while your participants are voting with the web based mobile polling app directly in their browser, making sure everyone is part of the presentation.

  • Get instant responses using smartphones for voting
  • Visualize the results in real-time
  • No need for documentation or administration since the results are saved automatically

Realtime voting to engage your audience

An input with a question: 'Do you understand the purpose of today's workshop?'

Ask a question

Sign up on the web and write the question you want to ask. You can start from scratch or use one of our best practice examples.

A phone with options for the question

The audience votes

Your audience goes to the voting website, enters the code for your presentation and votes. No installation or setup needed.


A presentation showing the results in real-time

The result will be displayed in real-time as the votes come in. Of course you can also hide the results until everybody is finished.

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