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Monthly live demo

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Monthly product updates

Join us for an interactive webinar hosted by Oscar, our in-house presentation expert! Oscar will guide you through the latest and most exciting features, designed to enhance your presentations and engage your audience like never before.

September 5th

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Introducing Mentimeter to increase student engagement

Are you new to Mentimeter and want to get started with your first presentation? Join this webinar with Julia who will guide you through a step-by-step demo where you will get to know everything you need to start hosting your own interactive presentations.

October 17th

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Strategies for formative assessments

Do you struggle to gauge students' grasp of the teaching materials or find it challenging when they hesitate to admit they don't understand a topic? This webinar aims to equip you with strategies to enhance engagement and understanding in your classroom.

November 21st

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In this webinar, we aim to empower educators with the tools and strategies necessary to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in the classroom. Our host Julia will be joined by Mentimeter's Accessibility Specialist to answer any questions you might have!

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