This or That for Students

Our This or That game is a great way for kids to have fun choosing between their favourite things. Time for some laughs and some lively debate.

Fun This or That for Students

How to play This or That with Mentimeter

Our template is just as easy to use and fun to play as the traditional This or That game. The major difference is we have added in some special graphics and you can see the results live. Not only will kids see how may votes each option gets, but the graphics are colorful and dynamic.

Our template is easy to download (it only takes one single click). Paid users can fully customize this template and make it their own!

If these options don't suit your needs, then have no fear, because we have plenty more fun questions you can ask! Feel free to create your own Menti or to use them in whatever format you want.  

  1. Superhero or Supervillain
  2. Zombies or Vampires
  3. Marvel or DC
  4. Kangaroo or Toucan
  5. Dolphin or Moose 
  6. Lion or Tiger
  7. Donuts or Cupcakes 
  8. Chocolate or Candy 
  9. Ice cream or Cake 
  10. Math or History
  11. Geography or English 
  12. Social Studies or Art 
  13. Track or Field
  14. Golf or Tennis
  15. Swimming or Cycling

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Fun This or That for Kids

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