Economics Quiz

Numbers make the world go round, charts go up, stocks rise and fall, and the money in your bank account appears and reappears (hopefully) With this in mind we have put together some economics based questions together here for you to test your students on.

Economics Quiz

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Economics 1

Both supply and demand are high

Maybe you want to see if people have been studying up on supply and demand curves, perhaps you need to ask about what makes a monopoly, no matter because this template can be adjusted and customized as you see fit. So feel free to add in some cool graphs and charts as you see fit.

Economics 2


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Economics 3

Free Market Quiz

This economics quiz, test, mini exam (call it what you may) is a great interactive way to put your student’s knowledge to the test. The built-in leaderboard at the end will display who is ahead or the curve and who is just breaking even. 

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