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Our free Sports Quiz template is a great way to test everyone’s sporting expertise. This template can be downloaded and played right away. So prepare for tip off because the game is about to start!

Sports Quiz
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Let the games commence

Sports mad or mad about sports? Think you and your friends know all there is about some of the most famous games from around the globe? Think you can beat our Mentimeter Quiz masters at their own game? Well it’s time to find out!

We've put together trivia that has been inspired by the Olympics, football (American, European and maybe even Australian), stick sports and more. Time to warm up because we aren’t going to pull any punches here. You’re in for quit the challenge with this one!

Sports Trivia Questions

One Mentimeter quiz on the wide world of sports simply wasn’t enough and how could it be. So in saying all that we have decided to be generous and offer you even more trivia, cause we like you. 

Simple - These are just tap ins

  1. The title ‘Fastest man on Earth’ is given to the winner of what race?
  2. What legend of the ring was known to ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’?
  3. What team is known as ‘The Red Devils'?
  4. In what sport do teams compete for ‘The Ashes’ trophy?
  5. If you were to commit a travelling violation what sport would you be playing?
  6. How many points is a try worth in rugby?
  7. True or False: Dressage is a horse riding event?
  8. What is the max score a judge can give in gymnastics?
  9. In tennis, what is ‘Deuce’?
  10. What is the national sport of Japan?

Intermediate - Easier than hitting it top corner 

  1. Gaelic Football is the national sport of what country?
  2. What is Tiger Woods’ first name?
  3. Center Court at the US tennis open is named after who?
  4. What sport would you be playing if you received a penalty corner?
  5. Serena Williams is the most accomplished tennis player of all time, but has she won 17, 20, or 23 titles in her career?
  6. What are the South African rugby team commonly referred to?
  7. A ground rule double occurs in what sport?
  8. Florence Joyner, commonly known as Flo Jo, still holds the record in what event?
  9. What is the fewest amount of darts needed to win a match?
  10. How many players make up a handball team?

Advanced - Like trying to get past Maldini

  1. ‘Shinty’ is a stick and ball sport that comes from what European country?
  2. What team is often referred to as ‘The Toffees’?
  3. Who is second to Wayne Gretzky in total NHL goals scored?
  4. Who won the 2021 Tour de France?
  5. Where was the 1st Winter Olympics held?
  6. Ronda Rousey competed at what weight division in the UFC?
  7. What snooker player is known as ‘The Whirlwind’?
  8. Who was the first non-American player to win the NBA MVP award?
  9. What footballing legend is known to his hometown crowd as Il Re di Roma and Il Gladiatore?
  10. American superstar boxer Clarissa Shields is known by what nickname?



  1. 100 metres
  2. Muhammed Ali
  3. Manchester United
  4. Cricket
  5. Basketball
  6. 5
  7. True
  8. 10
  9. 40-40
  10. Sumo wrestling


  1. Ireland
  2. Eldrick
  3. Arthur Ashe
  4. Field hockey
  5. 23… and counting
  6. The Springboks
  7. Baseball
  8. 100 metres
  9. 9
  10. 6


  1. Scotland
  2. Everton Football Club
  3. Gordie Howe
  4. Tadej Pogačar
  5. Chamonix
  6. Bantamweight
  7. Jimmy White
  8. Hakeem Olajuwon
  9. Franceso Totti
  10. T-Rex

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