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Put your knowledge of anything and everything to the test with our Mentimeter General Knowledge Quiz. We have plenty of trivia questions too!

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Tea and book

Time to Test Your Knowledge

Get ready to show off what you know, test others on their trivia knowledge and have some fun as you go through each set of questions and answers. Animals, geography, science… who knows what is going to come up. Time to download and find out!

Multiple Choice Geography Questions

Patagonia is part of what two countries?

  • Chile and Argentina
  • Brazil and Argentina
  • Chile and Peru

Which country is known as the Hexagon?

  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany

Sofia is the capital of what country?

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Belarus

What animal is the emblem of Canada?

  • Beaver
  • Moose
  • Bear

What country refers to themselves as ‘Kiwis’?

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand

Where would you find Loch Ness?

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Which of these is defined as ‘a piece of land that is almost entirely surrounded by water but is connected to the mainland on one side’?

  • Peninsula
  • Archipelago
  • Cape

What is thought to be the world’s oldest volcano?

  • Mauna Loa
  • Mount Etna

How many tectonic plates does the Earth have?

  • 5
  • 7

Which country’s flag contains an image of the country?

  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • India

Multiple Choice History Questions

Where was Julius Caesar killed?

  • The Theater of Pompey
  • Circus Maximus
  • The Roman Forum

Which Emperor built the Colosseum?

  • Nero
  • Tiberius
  • Vespasian

The Elgin Marbles were taken from which building?

  • The Parthenon 
  • The Temple of Zeus at Olympia
  • Temple of Apollo at Delphi

What was New York’s original name?

  • New Holland
  • New Rotterdam 
  • New Amsterdam

Which former President does NOT appear on both a US coin AND banknote?

  • George Washington 
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Abraham Lincoln

The Invasion of Normandy was known by what codename?

  • Operation Overlord
  • Operation Overwatch
  • Operation Barbarossa

What was Michelangelo’s last name?

  • Brunelleschi
  • Buonarroti
  • Botticelli

The Louisiana Purchase took place in what year?

  • 1803
  • 1813
  • 1823

Which of the following was NOT Greek?

  • Homer 
  • Herodotus
  • Virgil

In Japanese history, what was a Rōnin?

  • A banished Samurai
  • A young Samurai 
  • A Samurai with no lord or master

Sports Trivia

  1. What Japanese player has the most career MLB hits? Ichiro Suzuki
  2. Who is the current Commissioner of the NFL? Roger Goodell
  3. In what country is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located? Switzerland
  4. What baseball player was known as ‘The Captain’? Derek Jeter
  5. Name two clubs Cristiano Ronalod has played for? Manchester United, Sporting Lisbon, Juventus, Real Madrid
  6. What team was sanctioned for it’s sign stealing scandal during the 2017 and 2018 seasons? Houston Astros
  7. Which NFL team is a publicly traded non-profit company with 360,000+ shareholders? Green Bay Packers
  8. Which NBA team’s logo is shaped like a musical note? Utah Jazz
  9. What NBA team plays in Washington DC? The Wizards
  10. How many NBA teams are there today? 30
  11. How many times have the Olympics been cancelled? 3 times
  12. Which sprinter was famously stripped of his 100m gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics? Ben Johnson
  13. How big are the two boxes that make up the penalty area? 6 yards & 18 yards
  14. True or False: A wall must be 12 yards back from the ball when a free kick is to be taken? False - It’s only 10 yards
  15. What number did NFL legend Dan Marino wear during his career? 13

Movies & TV Trivia

  1. What King refused to throw the One Ring into Mount Doom? Isildur
  2. Who is the King of Rohan? Théoden
  3. What is the name of Saruman’s sidekick / assistant? Grima Wormtongue
  4. What is Lord Voldemort’s real name? Tom (Marvolo) Riddle 
  5. Name all of the Deathly Hallows. Cloak of Invisibility, Resurrection Stone, Elder Wand
  6. What is Jamie Lannisters nickname? Kingslayer
  7. Hagrid’s pet spider was known by what name? Aragog
  8. What is Loki the God of? Mischief
  9. How many Infinity Stones are there? 6
  10. Who is the youngest Avenger? Spider-Man
  11. Who is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Nick Fury
  12. Correctly spell the name of Thor’s hammer. Mjölnir
  13. Name 1 of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion
  14. What is the name of Jon’s direwolf? Ghost
  15. Who said “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone”? Tyrion Lannister

Random Trivia Questions

  1. What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
  2. In what capital would you find The Little Mermaid statue? Copenhagen
  3. On what continent would you find the city of Baku? Asia
  4. What Killers song has been in the U|K charts for over 260 weeks since its release back in 2004? Mr. Brightside
  5. What is the name of the world’s largest music streaming service? Spotify
  6. Who recorded the Christmas hit ‘Last Christmas’? Wham!
  7. What is the function of the cornea? Helps the eye focus
  8. What is this loss of water by plants called? Transpiration
  9. What is the largest vein in the body? Great Saphenous Vein
  10. The Union Jack is the flag of what state? The United Kingdom 

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