Christmas Quiz!

Hohoho! It's time to get in the festive mood and spread some Christmas cheer with this quiz!

Christmas Quiz
Christmas decorations

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Christmas decorations

A wonderful quiz for a wonderful time

Prepare that Christmas playlist, make sure the decorations go up, and get in the Christmas spirit. See who is the Christmas expert and who needs to brush up on their festive knowledge.

It is the season of fun, so hosting a quiz is the perfect way to kick off this festive period and a game of Christmas trivia. Gather your friends, family, or colleagues together anytime in December (even in November if you're super eager), and kick off the festivities the right way.

Christmas Trivia Questions

We all know all there is to know about everyone’s favorite holiday don’t we? Don’t we?!? Well there is just too much Christmas trivia to fit into one quiz template (no matter how hard I tried), so I’ve added plenty of extra quiz questions here. 

Multiple Choice Questions

1) Which of the following is one of Santa’s reindeer?

  • Comet
  • Lancer 
  • Blixem

2) What is Jack Frost doing in The Christmas Song?

  • Melting at your toes
  • Nipping at your nose
  • Dancing around

3) The 25th of December was originally a Roman holiday to what God?

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • The Sun 

4) In the 12 days of Christmas, what does my love give me on the 9th day?

  • Swans a-swimming
  • Lord a-leaping
  • Ladies dancing

5) When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

  • 24th of December
  • 1st of January
  • 7th of January

6) Which of the following was one of the Wise Men?

  • Balthazar
  • Ezequiel
  • Malachi

7) Children in what country refer to Santa Claus as Babbo Natale?

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain

8) In what country did the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree begin?

  • Germany
  • England 
  • Canada

9) Which of the following is NOT a name for the 26th of December?

  • Boxing Day
  • Saint Stephen’s Day
  • Little Christmas

10) Donald Trump appears in which Home Alone Movie?

  • Home Alone 2
  • Home Alone 3
  • Home Alone 4

Trivia Questions

11) What magical item brought Frosty the Snowman to life?

12) Which famous singer was the star of the 1954 film White Christmas?

13) How would you say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Hawaiian?

14) What band had the hit single ‘Last Christmas’?

15) The tradition of Secret Santa is also known by what name?

16) What company is said to have given Santa his traditional red and white clothing.

17) Saint Nicholas, the inspiration for Santa, was from what country?

18) Which was the first US state to classify Christmas as a public holiday?

19) True or False: Norway sends a Christmas tree to London every year.

20) If children want to write a letter to Santa, what address do they need to use?


1) Comet

2) Nipping at your nose

3) The Sun

4) Ladies dancing

5) 7th of January

6) Balthazar

7) Italy

8) Germany

9) Little Christmas

10) Home Alone 2

11) An old (silk) hat

12) Bing Crosby

13) Mele Kalikimaka

14) Wham!

15) Kris Kindle / Kris Kringle / Kris Kringel 

16) Coca-Cola

17) Turkey

18) Alabama

19) True

20) 123 Elf Road, North Pole

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