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How PMI UK increased survey response rate 10-fold

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Hear about Merv and his MentiNinjas, and how they are using Mentimeter to interact with stakeholders and collect high-quality data in engaging environments. By using Menti, PMI UK helped raise the survey response rate in a webinar 10-fold - just one successful example of how they are increasing meaningful engagement within their community. In addition, PMI UK supports project management professionals and helps members learn and develop within their respective fields.

PMI UK’s commitment to their members 

It was a pleasure to sit down on Zoom with Merv and his colleague Mark Fulton, volunteer at PMI UK digital events team. We talked about how they use Mentimeter in different contexts and how vital the right digital tools are to creating engagement and collecting data. PMI’s UK Chapter has over 3,000 members within multiple industries. Menti has become crucial in supporting its efforts to set the project management community for success. 

Alongside his role as Program Director, Merv is a true Menti superuser and relishes the moments he can receive live feedback from his audiences. Within PMI UK’s non-profit commitments to members, Merv has discovered the vast possibilities of using Menti in events, webinars, conferences, presentations, and workshops, both for online and in-person gatherings. 

Creating interaction and collecting high-quality data points

At the beginning of our chat, Merv shared how he creates real connections when engaging with his audience. “In different scenarios when using Menti, I have produced powerful interaction, and everyone seems to be smiling. As well, Menti enables us to collect high-quality data points.” PMI UK leverages Menti smartly and manages to keep its community members happy by giving them a voice while collecting valuable data they can then act upon.

Open-ended Question

Developing a hybrid-first strategy

Merv detailed how, in October 2018, he first used Menti in a hybrid event to launch the UK Government Project Delivery Standard, and the amazing results he was able to achieve. The webinar had over 50 people in the room, including the CEO and 350+ civil servants and other project professionals online, providing responses and posing questions for a lively panel Q&A session. 

Word cloud for PMI

Merv says, “This year PMI UK has launched its inclusive #HybridFirst event strategy using its all-in-one Hopin platform, with Mentimeter interaction providing the heart and soul of audience engagement.” 

How they increased survey response rate 10-fold 

As a volunteer and member of the Association for Project Management (APM), Portfolio Management Specific Interest Group, Merv became involved in organizing their triennial survey, first conducted in 2012, with the aim of providing insight into the portfolio management discipline. 

Merv says “For this specific project, we discovered that the most recent survey had suffered from significant administrative difficulties in collecting meaningful data, with low response rates, from those in the know. We reworked the survey, incorporating it into a popular on-topic webinar, entirely run in Mentimeter, with the result that we saw the number of respondents increase from 17 to 171 (10 fold)! Interspersing survey questions into a webinar presentation is a game-changer - as you can imagine we use this approach as often as we can!”

PMI Chart

Making the right decisions based on Menti data 

Mark told me his first experience with Mentimeter was as an audience member in both webinars and live events. At PMI UK he received a license and learned how to use the tool himself. In line with collecting high-quality data points, the next step would be to follow up on those to make the right decisions and recommendations as a consultant. 

Mark recently used Menti for this specific purpose during a webinar where he consulted four different partners for a market decision:

We used Menti in the webinar with 8-9 different questions to understand different opinions with around 130 people. It helped us tell a story and helped them create recommendations to make a final decision. Menti is a really good tool, and we couldn’t have done it without it. We engaged effectively with 90 different companies, and the results helped them go forward with the right recommendations.

PMI MentiNinjas are driving engagement in every meeting globally

PMI Team

PMI currently has a team of 25 engagement specialists within the global organization (+700,000 members) that uses Menti regularly. Merv likes to call themselves MentiNinjas as they push the boundaries of how the tool can be used. Mark noted that, “Merv uses Menti successfully in the team context. It is very effective how his Menti usage drives engagement and brings people inside, who normally would be outside of the fence.” 

Merv added his view:

Pretty much in every meeting now, we use Mentimeter compared to PowerPoint, it is much more conversational, and it is easier to check in with people’s feelings.”

Creating meaningful audience engagement 

Merv also mentioned that his colleague, Crystal Richards, presents with Mentimeter for PMI events in the US. Here is one example to illustrate how she, early on in the presentation, checks in with her audience regarding their agile experience:

Agile experience

Always learning! 

We are delighted to see super users like Merv and his MentiNinjas using Menti and be curious to learn more. If you also liked their story and want to educate yourself further, explore our free courses at The MentiAcademy. If your organization needs multiple seats to collaborate with all advanced features to create engagement just like Merv and his colleagues, check out our Enterprise page to set up your team for success. 

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