How UTS uses Mentimeter to increase staff participation and student engagement

Lissy Hartmann_University of Technology Sydney

We had the chance to meet up with Lissy Hartmann, Learning Technologies Implementation Officer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). UTS has its largest campus in inner-city Sydney and is a dynamic and inclusive university focusing on preparing graduates for the workplaces of today and the future. Before Lissy started working for UTS, she was studying for her Master’s degree at the university and she got to experience Mentimeter from a student’s perspective as well. She created a few presentations and participated in lectures held using Mentimeter, and she recalls her experience to be positive.

Lissy is part of the LX.lab which aims to achieve the best possible teaching outcome for academics with the right tools and technology. In her role at the university, Lissy is currently the main person talking to Mentimeter about improving the partnership and increasing the value of Menti for UTS. UTS is one of Mentimeter’s Enterprise campus-wide customers, with over 4k+ users as of today. We are grateful to customers like UTS, as they make it possible to create engagement and interaction for all campus members. Read their full story below.

Using Mentimeter for internal meetings to increase participation

Lissy’s department uses Mentimeter for internal meetings to enable easier participation. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to participate more and ask questions. In the corporate setting, it has sometimes been tiring in the online environment. For example, in town hall meetings it can be difficult to feel engaged, but if you can use Menti, it is much nicer and you feel included.”

Lissy also appreciates the wide usage of Menti and how it spreads to various use cases: “It is inspiring to see a product we initially brought in to improve learning and teaching, and also see people using it for other internal purposes.”

She has noticed people using the multiple choice feature for internal meetings, as it is easy to use for sharing ideas. Recently, LX.lab started a new initiative using their skillset to address social justice and to make it possible for team members to engage in this vital topic. Mentimeter helps them to brainstorm and share ideas internally:

"Everyone can join in and write what comes to their mind. With Menti, it is easy to collect insights and input from people. In this internal forum, we used Menti to find direction and broaden our horizons. It is a great way to collect feedback to make improvements.”

How lecturers at UTS use Mentimeter with students

All staff members and students have unlimited access to Mentimeter. Aside from the internal staff meetings, most faculties at UTS also use the tool for different lectures. Lissy shared two examples of how the lecturers use Mentimeter to enhance the learning experience.

1. Dr. Terry Brown, Senior Lecturer at the School of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering:

Dr. Brown uses Mentimeter to check in with his students, observe their thoughts, and challenge misconceptions. In the example below, he uses multiple choice questions related to a specific topic in class: “This provides an opportunity for discussion about the topic/concept and helps students to feel more comfortable with sometimes getting things wrong.”

Read the full blog post about his Menti usage here.

How the lecturers at UTS use Mentimeter
Multiple Choice Alegrba

2. Dr. Beate Mueller, Lecturer Intercultural Communication

Dr. Mueller uses Mentimeter for student engagement, both online and face-to-face. She finds it helpful to use the tool as an icebreaker with her students to avoid awkward silence and make it easy for them to share their opinions anonymously. “I often use it at the beginning of the class as a kind of ‘entry ticket’ to allow for a calm and engaging beginning where everyone can arrive and share questions before speaking.

Read her full blog post here about using Menti. Below is one example of how she asks her students to self-assess their understanding of material:

How the lecturers at UTS use Mentimeter

Lissy works closely with the Enterprise customer success team 

Lissy took time from her vacation to visit us at the Mentimeter headquarters in Stockholm. She is our primary contact and works closely with her Customer Success Manager (CSM), Renhui (Miyo) Huang. Lissy has seen a positive effect of enabling the Enterprise plan for UTS where people are motivated to use Mentimeter to its fullest extent. “It is very nice that people appreciate using Menti with the full Enterprise features.”

Lissy also mentioned how they use SSO for higher security and easy access. “It is turned on for everyone as the only way to access Menti at UTS. It is very comfortable to be easily signed in like that.Customized themes & branding, another one of our Enterprise features, is also turned on as the default mode for the university. 

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How a personalized customer journey improves the experience

Lissy collaborates with her CSM Miyo for monthly check-ins and to ensure they get the most value from Mentimeter Enterprise at UTS Sydney. It was a pleasure to chat with Lissy to hear her thoughts and ideas. Here’s what she had to say about the partnership: “It is lovely to be in the office, visiting. It is valuable to have that exchange happening regularly with Miyo, to share our thoughts and talk to her about findings and what our users need to improve the experience.

Collaboration made easy with Mentimeter 

Finally, in our conversation, Lissy also touched upon the collaboration feature of Mentimeter. Staff members can now work on the same presentation together at the same time and share slides and templates. It has enabled all their Enterprise users to work together effectively.

We hope you also feel inspired by Lissy, the staff, and the lecturers at The University of Technology Sydney and how they successfully use Mentimeter to create an engaging environment for everyone. Tips and ideas for how academics at UTS can boost student engagement with Mentimeter polls are captured in the LX website's self-help resource collection.

Read more here on how you can set up your university for success. If you are interested in receiving Enterprise pricing options for your school or company, reach out to [email protected], they are happy to help.

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