Prophet’s fun & engaging hybrid work environment

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Get inspired by the people at Prophet, how Jake and his colleagues utilize Mentimeter Enterprise at their global consulting firm and how it aligns with their inclusive and pleasant working culture. Prophet uses Menti to both keep their clients engaged and add some added fun to their internal meetings.

That’s one thing I really love about Mentimeter, it is so versatile. It’s not only for internal purposes, external too. Menti also fits the culture at Prophet very well. Simple, fun, and easy to use!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jake Vance, IT Coordinator at Prophet who uses Mentimeter to enhance their ability to run inclusive meetings, have fun, and better engage with their colleagues in the hybrid work environment. “It’s like Apple; everyone just gets it! I would say it is one of the most fun tools we use at Prophet, and we are all about fun here.”

Becoming a must-use tool

The learning and development team at Prophet were the first to start using Mentimeter for Multiple Choice slides to help create more engagement in meetings. It was so well received that internal usage rapidly increased and quickly meant that their growing user base needed more features, the ability to collaborate, and a more cost-effective plan for a larger team of users. This is when Prophet upgraded to the Mentimeter Enterprise plan

It just took off from there and in different meetings, after our learning and development team started using Menti, everyone wanted it. This is a common trend at Prophet ‘Oh you have that shiny new toy, I want that too’. It will continue booming next year too with all new people joining our company as we are growing. 

Now as part of their onboarding of new hires, the Prophet team wants new starters to be comfortable using Mentimeter in a wide variety of scenarios. 

Fun & inclusive meetings at Prophet  

Prophet uses Mentimeter in numerous, external client meetings. They aim to bring their fun and inclusive culture to client meetings by using interactive and engaging elements. Jake spoke warmly about the positive feedback they have received, “Our clients love having to interact with the meeting and kept being engaged throughout.” 

In addition, their design team currently uses Mentimeter throughout external client meetings, in large part thanks to the user interface; something that is of primary importance to them. “If it doesn’t look and feel right they wouldn’t use it. If it is good enough for a designer it should be good for everyone!”

Prophet, likewise, has used Mentimeter in a wide variety of ways internally. Besides using Menti for regular team meetings within different departments, they also use it for more fun events like happy hours and morning breakfasts to create some extra buzz.

Prophet office managers use Menti as a way to help them with their organization duties. Checking in with a Menti to ask colleagues what coffee brand they prefer or what beer they want to have on tap in the office, for example. This really speaks volumes about the inclusive working culture at Prophet and how they value their employee’s preferences by using Menti to figure it out. 

Another case of internal use is how they use Menti to host quizzes and trivia games with leaderboards to show off just how well everyone is doing. This really helps them to connect in a fun and more lighthearted setting without the additional effort of writing down questions, arranging for a leaderboard to be set up, and collecting answers at the end of each round. It’s more relaxed, casual, and fun.

Four key Enterprise benefits

1. Premium support 

Being an Enterprise customer, Prophet receives the additional benefit of receiving premium support from a Relationship Manager, whose primary focus is to help them maximize their usage of Mentimeter. Having more than 100 licenses, they also receive tailored training and personalized onboarding from their Customer Success Manager. 

In my conversation with Jake, he shared feelings about his positive experience in this area. “Response time has been super fast. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. For example, as soon as I needed more licenses, our Relationship Manager Adam allocated the number of licenses needed on the same day. It made it possible for us to be up and running quickly.” 

2. Centralized administration 

Another benefit only available through the Enterprise plan is centralized administration. This grants Enterprise subscribers more advanced options to control and manage their workspace. Jake is passionate about this in his role: “I often use the feature to invite other people to join our Enterprise subscription plan. I love that I can just send an invite straight to their email address, it doesn’t take much time at all. I can assign licenses to them in 30-45 seconds. This makes it possible for us to manage our account very well, we are not over-allocating licenses. For example, if someone only signs in once and then never uses it again, then we can make sure we relocate the license to someone that actually uses the tool.” 

3. Groups and company branding 

Groups is another powerful feature included in the Enterprise benefits that enables you to create and manage groups within your workspace. For example, team members that are taking part in one group can then see shared templates and themes to collaborate effectively for a specific department or team. 

Jake mentioned that Prophet’s Design Director enjoys using the group feature for a specific client in order to focus on that specific purpose and separate related content from other departments. Jake also explained to me how they like using the company branding with customized themes also available through Enterprise: “We have our own company logo, font, colors, and backgrounds. We use all of those in every Prophet presentation when using Mentimeter.” 

4. Sharing results and organizing presentation data 

Finally, we talked about the benefits of downloading and sharing results from the data coming out of their Mentimeter presentations. Jake spoke warmly about this in our chat, explained his feelings after a Menti presentation or meeting: “I love how easy it is to read through the data and results from a presentation, to find what you are looking for and being able to share that with colleagues.” 

During our conversation, I realized that, when it comes to admin work, Jake is pro as he often exports his Menti presentations directly to excel following his presentations. He finds it straightforward to use and appreciates the organized version to filter the results, making his work life easier. 

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Final words from Jake on his experience of using Menti at Prophet

The best thing about Menti is the fun and engaging aspect of it and how beautifully laid out it is. Not a lot of resources I can say that about, Menti has something like a soft aspect about it that you just love using. Normally we don’t do customer success stories. We just love Mentimeter so much, that’s why.” 

If you also fell in love with Jake’s story, click here to read more about how you can utilize Mentimeter Enterprise in your organization.

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