Tools for Online Teaching

In a world of online teaching and distance learning, teachers are trying to keep students engaged and connected in new ways. Mentimeter provides the ability to continue teaching, no matter where you are. Remote learning shouldn’t be disconnected and here’s how you can avoid that.


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Remote teaching

The benefits of online teaching with Mentimeter

Even if students are not able to attend school or university in person, Mentimeter allows them to continue learning in an engaging and interactive manner. Mentimeter enables you to:

  • Engage with students using live polls, word clouds, quizzes, multiple-choice questions and more
  • Track learning and understanding by asking questions and downloading results
  • Communicate and interact with your students
  • Stay up-to-date with the teaching syllabus so that no one misses a thing
  • Enable Q&A so that queries and questions can be discussed, explained and clarified

Step by step guide

How to use Mentimeter for online teaching

Step 1

Make a presentation in Mentimeter

Use word clouds, multiple-choice or any of our other questions types.

Mentimeter app for Teams
Step 2

Use your communications tool of choice

Make the online teaching experience that bit more seamless by using the Mentimeter integrations for either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Now you can present your Menti directly through these apps, making it easier for your students and yourself!

Step 3

Share your presentation and let your students join

Send the presentation link to your students or instruct them to visit and enter the unique voting code, or even scan the QR code. Everyone can now connect, follow the presentation, vote, and interact. Participant and voter numbers appear on screen so you can be sure each and every student is following along and taking part.

Start Teaching With These Free Ready-To-Use Templates

History Quiz

History Quiz

Formative Assessment With Open Questions

Formative Assessment With Open Questions

mentimeter makes learning more enjoyable

Mentimeter makes learning more enjoyable

The University of Reading used Mentimeter to see how it affected student engagement. See why 95% of students find Mentimeter a more enjoyable way of learning.

Make the most of Live Polling 

Make sure your students are engaged by using our Multiple Choice and Scales slide types. Results appear in real-time and all submissions are anonymous so students can provide answers in confidence.

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For teachers & educators

Mentimeter for Educators

Find out how you can use Mentimeter to create engagemnt in any teaching situation. Learn how to create a presentation, what question types are particularly useful for teachers and how to share it with your students.

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