Former Slack and Dropbox executive Johann Butting joins Mentimeter’s Board of Directors

May 31, 2023
johann butting

The former Slack Senior Vice President and Head of EMEA at Dropbox brings enterprise sales and global expansion experience to the fast-growing scale up

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — May 31, 2023 — Mentimeter, the leading audience engagement platform, today announced the appointment of Johann Butting to its board of directors. Butting has a background in growing the enterprise sales operations of successful international technology companies, including Google, Dropbox, and most recently Slack where he had been for the last 6 years, most recently as SVP Sales. He joined Dropbox at 200 people and was part of growing the company to $1B in ARR, and then joined Slack at 400 and he helped the company to grow to $2B in ARR.

The move comes as Mentimeter levels up its B2B offering and follows the company’s successful Series C funding round in 2022, which aimed at supporting the scale-up’s growing Enterprise offering, with special emphasis on North America and DACH. Butting will assist in guiding the effective use of these funds to grow the company’s global footprint as Mentimeter moves to position itself as the market leader.

“We are very excited to bring Johann on board as he brings insights and experience we know will be essential to helping us navigate the next phase of our growth here at Mentimeter,” said Johnny Warström, co-founder and CEO of Mentimeter. “Johann brings with him a wealth of invaluable knowledge of building B2B SaaS companies in the last 15 years.”

Katarina Bonde, Chairperson of Mentimeter’s board of directors, added: “Johann’s appointment to the board of directors adds a global perspective to an already impressive board. The relevance of Johann’s enterprise growth experience from Dropbox and Slack is a key factor in his appointment by the nominating committee. I am looking forward to working with him as we continue to take Mentimeter from strength to strength.”

“Mentimeter is such an exciting, fast-growth company and I am thrilled to join this board of directors and get started,” said Johann Butting. “I have spent the last 20 years working with and building a passion for technology that has the potential to solve some of our most important problems – storage with Dropbox, communication and collaboration with Slack, and now engagement and productivity with Mentimeter.”

Through his time at Google, Dropbox, and Slack Johann has worked on products that have shaped our modern ways of working. Revolutionizing how we come together, communicate, and collaborate - and making all of these easier through technology. With Mentimeter, Johann will assist in showing the world how we can better create understanding and engagement by showing what everyone in the room is thinking.

About Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an audience engagement platform (AEP) that makes it easier to listen and to be heard by transforming passive audiences into active contributors. Mentimeter is fundamentally changing the culture of presentations, lectures, and workshops in business and education from talking to listening. Whether on-site, remote, or hybrid, Mentimeter creates a unique, transparent, and engaging experience for everyone.

Since launching in 2012, Mentimeter has grown from a group of four founders to a 250+ person company with two offices on two different continents. In this time, more than 280 million people have gathered opinions, questions, and thoughts through our platform. The platform is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

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Thomas Dawson, Communications Specialist at Mentimeter

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