Spooktastic Halloween ideas with Mentimeter

October 21, 2020
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Halloween may be different this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. We’ve put together some fangtastic alternatives to get in the spooky spirit of this holiday with the help of Mentimeter!

Host a Halloween quiz!

To get inspired check out our ready-to-use Halloween quiz templates. You can add them to your account and start quizzing right away! If you just like some of the questions in our Halloween quiz templates, you can copy that specific slide to your very own presentation and create your own. 

Halloween Quiz

Halloween Quiz

Halloween Movie Quiz

Halloween Movie Quiz

If you are on a paid plan you edit and add as many Quiz Competition slides as you want to them!

You can even get people involved who may not be in the same place as you. Just use your favourite conferencing tool and share your screen to show the presentation and then everyone can get in the spirit!

Who doesn’t love some Halloween trivia?!

Create a Halloween theme

You may not have time to host a Halloween Quiz, but you can customize your presentation (if you are on a paid plan) to still get in the spirit of things. Creating a customized theme is easy and it automatically saves so you can use it next year too. Add a spookified logo, change the text color, or change the color of the bar charts to make them more halloweeny.

Vote for the winner

Host a pumpkin carving competition! Get your creative juices following and carve or decorate a pumpkin - all ages can join in! Fun fact: carving pumpkins, historically known as “Jack O’Lanterns” originated in Ireland where they originally carved potatoes or turnips! Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America where they have lots of pumpkins and so the pumpkin carving tradition was born. 

Make sure you create a specific area for carving as it can get messy. 

Afterwards you can vote the winner on Mentimeter! Use the multiple-choice questions to enable anonymous votes and see who is the winner of the competition. You can add your own image of the different pumpkins or use a stock image from Unsplash or Gif.

Halloween Multiple choice question

Or, have a Halloween costume competition! If you are able to host a Halloween event, people can vote by joining the Mentimeter presentation and vote who they think should win. You could even create specific categories to get more winners e.g. most creative, best movie character or scariest. Try out the Open-ended Question Type where participants can add what they think.

Halloween open-ended question type

Host a murder mystery party

Who doesn't love a good murder mystery party?! And why not use Mentimeter to make your life even easier while hosting.

Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party

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