4 reasons why you should hold Mentimeter quizzes at work

July 14, 2020

You might have been using Mentimeter quizzes or other types of tools to engage your team or colleagues during the lockdown or work-from-home period. However, just because you might be starting to get back to the office, it doesn’t mean you should stop hosting quizzes! Here’s why you should continue (or start!) hosting Mentimeter quizzes at work.

1. Build the team and company culture 

Maybe your team has gone through some changes during the past few months, or maybe you just haven’t worked together for a while. A Mentimeter quiz can be a great way to build team and company culture through holding an activity that everyone can participate in. Use one of our ready-to-use quiz templates or build your own to create a quiz perfect for your team. 

2. Make information stick 

If you have implemented new processes or rules in the past few months and need your team to remember them - why not test their knowledge with a quiz? By letting participants know that their knowledge will be tested with a fun quiz, you can engage them more and help them remember the information. Why not add a small prize for the winner to make the stakes even higher?

3. Catch up with each other

Has it been a while since you last caught up with your colleagues? As many of us have been working from home, we have been missing out on a small day to day chat that comes up around the coffee machine or at the lunch table. As you return to the workplace, hold a Mentimeter quiz to encourage social interaction and provide an opportunity for your team to catch up with each other and have some fun! 

4. Engage and include remote workers 

If some of your team is working remotely but most of your are back in the office, you shouldn’t forget to include them in team activities. By hosting a Mentimeter quiz you can continue to include and engage your colleagues no matter where they are. 

If you are now inspired to start quizzing your team with Mentimeter quizzes you can get started by signing up for your free account.

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